Joanna Krupa Hates on Kendall Jones, Threatens to Shoot Controversial Hunter

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Joanna Krupa definitely does not like Kendall Jones on Facebook.

Or in any other capacity, either.

The Real Housewives of Miami star took to Instagram this week and BLASTED the 19-year old Texas Tech student, who has risen to viral infamy for posting photos of her animal kills in Africa online.

Among the corpses Jones is standing over in numerous safari pictures are lions, elephants and leopards. 

  • Kendall Jones Photo
  • Joanna Krupa Selfie

"This bitch Kendall Jones killed this beautiful creature so she post a selfie!," wrote Krupa. "That lion is an endangered species .. breaks my f***ing [heart] not to mention he had a family."

She then added: "I wish I can fly to Africa and shoot her ugly ass."

PETA, as you might expect, has also come out against Kendall Jones, though the teenager's father defends Kendall by saying she typically focuses on "mercy" killings and never hunts endangered creatures.

Cody Jones also spoke to TMZ about Krupa’s message and said he didn’t call the police over it because “we're in Texas and we feel safe here."

"It’s not that we aren’t taking these threats seriously -- we just feel that these are baseless, and uneducated threats," he adds.

Kendall says she won't stop hunting because she feels it's important for population control and conservation efforts in certain parts of Africa.

Kendall Jones with Dead Leopard
Kendall Jones poses here with a dead leopard. She killed it herself and posted the shot on Facebook, much to the ire of other users.



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Lions a are not on the wwf endangered species list.


"...never hunts endangered creatures." Big fat lie. Disgusting waste of life, I hope a hunting accident takes her life.


May she go the way of her "sister" , Manson Family killer Susan Atkins.


Here is a more truthful article on trophy hunting as a means of conservation. Nothing more than butchers


I hope she gets taken out by one of the animal and no more stupid bimbo,anyone that agrees with what she is doing is a total moron...!!!


one day this humans like this cancer will be only watching at her death body! and other trophy hunters (CANCERS) too!


She's horrible I think most people agree!! Buff said.... Now drop it.


There's nothing wrong with hunting its a sport, people have been hunting for thousands of years the problem with libtards is and most people they are too lazy to get out and hunt for there food or for sport. They would rather run to some fast food joint to get their fix. leave the gurl alone.


A narcissist & psychopath, Jones, is probably enjoying, the notoriety. It's disturbing to know that some greedy reality show producers, will likely see the huge outcry against her unconscionable & savage acts of unspeakable cruelty & cowardice, with $ signs, and exploit the killing of animals, including endangered species, with a reality show. She is not remarkable in any sense, but for her megalomania. Unfortunately, that, and the aforementioned disorders, seem to be highly prized for the fodder they bring to vapid so-called reality shows. Disgraceful. On a happy note, her bow & rifles, which she uses to steal the lives of animals, does not kill Karma, the ultimate equalizer.


Kendall looks to be suffering from a mild case of retardation, no offense to the people out there with down syndrome. Im wondering if she ate what she killed. Or is she just a retard hypocrite. Me thinks the latter.