Joan Rivers: Barack Obama is Gay! Michelle is Transgender!

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You may want to sit down for this: Joan Rivers made some offensive comments while promoting her new book.

The comedy legend, of course, has been shocking fans for weeks during one of the most bizarre press tours in recent memory.

Highlights (or lowlights, depending on whom you ask) include: Rivers accusing Miley Cyrus of incest, suggesting that Kim Kardashian has had sex with millions of men, and implying that Kristen Stewart slept her way to the top.

While it may not seem possible, Rivers actually topped herself earlier this week.

In addition to storming out of a CNN interview, Joan made some comments about President Obama and his wife that have many in the LGBT community demanding an apology: 

After officiating an impromptu gay wedding at one of her book signings, Rivers was asked by a reporter when the US would have its first gay president. Her response was the sort of thing that could only issue forth from the mouth of Joan Rivers:

"We already have [a gay president] with Obama so let's just calm down," Rivers said. "You know Michelle is a tranny...A transgender. We all know. It's okay."

Needless to say, many were displeased not only by Rivers' claims that Obama is lying about his sexual orientation, but also by the comedienne's use of the decidedly un-PC transphobic slur "tranny."

Rivers responded in the same way that she's reacted to all of her recent controversies, claiming that her comments were meant to be taken as a joke. 

Ray J and Joan Rivers Sex Tape Still
Ray J and Joan Rivers in a sex tape?!? Yes. Well, sort of. This is a parody of Kim Kardashian Superstar.

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Joan rivers and her daughter


I'm starting to like Joan more and more...


Obama creature is a beast tranny. She's right on.


Google "The FBI uses polygraphs to eliminate suspects"


Watch Serena and Michelle Obama and make up your own mind....


I think we're all tired of this old clown-faced bag...stick a fork in her

@ Norman Dostal

I have a better idea--why don't you just not watch her? Duh.


I love Joan Rivers. She makes us laugh our heads off, seriously. You have to get it--that she says funny outrageous things, and that's what's fun. It's never in a mean or nasty way . I saw her Access Hollywood interview. She talked about how super sensitive people are today. So she makes jokes that clear the air so we can laugh together about the silly, funny things. My friends and I watch her and love her. It's not like we're actually laughing AT anybody. We laugh at the silliness, and she is super fast with the jokes.

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@ Michel92

she WAS funny years ago-now she is just some strange looking old hag talking about sex-she doesnt even make jokes anymore (ie on Fashion Ploice she'll say, "Oh look-she looks like a dirty vagina"-thats not even a joke-its just dumb). And youre wrong-calling the first lady a Tranny is mean and nasty and terribly insensitive...(hint-she has writers-she isnt "fast". she hasnt been fast since the 40s-see? thats a joke...))

@ Norman Dostal

What's a joke, Norman? That might be part of the problem. It's like this: it used to be that there were serious restrictions on what a comedian could say on TV. That's when there were only the three TV networks, and they even had TV censors. Cable TV doesn't fall under the same restrictions set up before by the FCC. So comedians can say whatever they want to say. That's why people like Bill Maher, Chelsea Handler, the guy on The Soup, Joan Rivers etc are free to say pretty much anything they want. It used to be that Las Vegas was the only place where co,Elian's could do comedy like you can see on TV nowadays. Also, times have changed. A lot of people are more open. Those who don't like the more free, uncensored kind of comedy can watch someone like Jay Leno, which is good. Something for everyone.
So Rivers is more open, uncensored with her comedy nowadays. Some people who like the Jay Alena style are like--oh, she's changed, she's gotten mean now that she's older. But no. She's doing comedy that she couldn't do in the days of censorship.
So if you don't like the more uncensored, liberated kind of comedy she can finally do, ok. You don't have to watch. But she's still very, very funny, and she's still very fast with the ad libs. Other people survive on writers and cue cards. (They often have more sir time to fill, though)

@ Michel92

Sorry for the obvious typos. My IPad decided what I wanted to spell. One obvious error was supposed to be: comedians. Jay Alena should be Jay Leno.
So Rivers does more liberated comedy. She's no worse than many other cable comedians. I think she's very funny . She did what I think is a hilarious interview on Access Hollywood about why she walked off CNN. Very funny interview.
What I think is much worse is how news channels exploit tragedies to get high ratings. You never see people complain about that. Like CNN and the murders in Santa Barbara. I have a friend there. Some of the students got together to protest the media exploiting the deaths of students to get high ratings. the endless stories.CNN loved it that the guy was so crazy. endlessly bothering students. Worse than a comedian and harmless jokes. Watch for it next tike there's a tragedy.