Jessica Simpson: Hungover at Her Own Wedding?!

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Jessica Simpson married Eric Johnson in a Fourth of July ceremony last week, and while there were plenty of pyrotechnics, it seems the biggest fireworks may have been going off in the couple's throbbing skulls.

Hooray for Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson. These two tied the knot in July 2014.

While Jess and Eric's wedding was certainly low-key in terms of celebrity nuptials, the couple planned to party with family and friends for three days, beginning with a lavish rehearsal dinner on July 3.

Unfortunately, sources say Jess committed a rookie mistake and got plastered on night one of the celebration, leaving her in rough shape for the big day.

Yes, Jess was a mess, and she reportedly made no effort to hide it from her bridesmaids:

"While she was getting ready, Jess kept joking about how much her head hurt," says one witness of Jess' pre-wedding preparation.

This might also explain her flubbed wedding vows, although that could also be chalked up to the simple fact that this is Jessica Simpson.

Either way, this isn't the first time that the 34-year-old singer-actress-designer has butted heads with the bottle in recent weeks.

The now-notorious Jessica Simpson drunk video that recently made the rounds online shows the bride-to-be stumbling around town during her co-ed bachelorette party.

Maybe now that she's married the mother of two will settle down a bit.

Jessica Simpson Bikini Photo
Okay yeah. That's one insane shot of Jessica Simpson's boobs.

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Whore alert!!!!!!!!

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She's a rack-a-saurous for sure.

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NO, say it ain't true! Someone hungover at their wedding?

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Wow, the shot of her tongue is gross. Why are so many woman so trashy now. She may have a drinking problem as she was really drunk at her bachelor party.

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@ Suzy

you must be a nun..there is nothing wrong with that pix...oh goodness she got wasted at her bachelortte party*rolls eyes*you must live a very dull must be a very dull person. it's nothing wrong with getting white girl wasted once in a while.

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She wore a pearl necklace

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the idea of suffering herpes from now isn´t a nice idea....

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