Jessica Simpson Flubs Marriage Vows, Still Becomes Mrs. Eric Johnson

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Jessica Simpson took Eric Johnson to be her lawfully-wedded husband on Saturday.

But not without a mini hiccup first.

According to E! News, the singer was so excited/nervous while reciting her vows that she actually uttered her own name during them instead of her about-to-be-husband's. Oops!

But Simpson laughed, recovered and then made things right on her second try.

Johnson, meanwhile, was also so flustered that he actually choked up while saying his vows and also had to start over.

The wedding was attended by over 250 guests, while Simpson donned a custom-made Carolina Herrera gown for the beautiful occasion.

The couple's 1-year-old son served as a ring bearer, while their two-year-old daughter walked down the aisle as a flower girl. Maxi.

She was adorable was accompanied by Ashlee Simpson's five-year-old son, Bronx Wentz.

During the reception, Eric's father gave  lovely toast, though neither of Simpson's parents made speeches.

"It was very emotional," a source tells E!, while another simply adds: "Jessica looked very happy on her wedding day."

We send our very, very, very best to the newlyweds!


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i clicked on this article from yahoo. and they had up Kaley Cuoco's wedding pic....i see everyone looks the same to them over there

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I though marriage was a curse word for her. Feel sorry for any children that might come her way.

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@ Oren

You do realize she already has two children with this guy?

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Avatar Herpes is back with her.

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