Jessica Simpson Flaunts Beach Body in Sexy Honeymoon Photo!

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Yesterday, we got our first glimpse of Jessica Simpson's wedding video. Today, Jess gave us a look at what we really want to see: the honeymoon and her flawless beach body!

Jessica Simpson Honeymoon Photo

Jess Instagrammed the above pic with a caption that reads simply, "Jessica Johnson."

Yes, though she was never Mrs. Lachey, Jess has apparently become more traditional with age, and while she'll obviously continue to go by "Jessica Simpson" for professional purposes, it seems she's officially taken the last name of her ex-NFL player husband.

But let's get back to what really matters: Jessica lost 65 pounds following her second pregnancy, and fortunately for us, she very much enjoys showing off her newly toned figure.

That's right - Jessica got married, but she's giving us a gift. Thanks, Mrs. Johnson!

No word on what sort of beverage Jess is drinking in the photo, but given her well-known love of booze, we're guessing she's toasting her second marriage with something strong.

The newlyweds were reportedly so eager to celebrate their nuptials that Jessica was hungover at the wedding

Hey, as long as she looks like that, Jess can party however she wants.

We just hope she's keeping up with her gym duties. No one wants to see that perfect figure spoiled by a beer belly.


as long as she lies down her belly ain't visible.

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@mboomer - i completely agree. She does not have the body that comes from working out hard. if she did, she would be in a bikini and her abs/stomach would be showing. Her body looks weird to me, def not obtained by working out hard in the gym.

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Personally I THINK that she has had conturing lipo just like KK to help with the process. You can see it in the shape of her thighs, they take out the fat so you are left with the muscles, that is what most stars are doing these days also what is that dark spot on her inside thigh ? they pretend to do it the healthier way to fool all of us but we are not gullible imbeciles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!mb

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