Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald: Secretly Engaged ... or Married?!

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Last we checked, Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald were not officially engaged ... but a new Instagram post from her sister Jill has given us pause.

Jill Duggar (or Jill Dillard, to be more accurate) sparked the latest engagement rumors surrounding Jess and Ben. All it took was a simple hashtag.

"Lunch with my sweet sis @jessaseewald today!" Jill wrote on the photo-sharing site, adding casually "#jessaseewald #jillmdillard #sisterlunch"

Jessa Seewald?!

Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald: In Love
Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald in one of their many sweet Instagram moments. Her shirt sums it all up, really.

We know Jill loves married life. Might her sister have followed her lead with little fanfare? Or are we reading too much into a cute sibling selfie?

Probably ... but still, Jessa Seewald? Not a lot of girls start going by their boyfriend's last name until that has been wifed up or at least until there's a ring on it.

Her ring finger was hidden, barely, in the photo of Jill and Jessa. Hmm.

In any case, we're going to assume Mrs. Derick Dillard was just being silly and cute and there's no engagement or marriage news to report. Yet.

Despite, or perhaps because of the controversy that seems to follow Ben Seewald, he and Jessa have gotten pretty serious, so it's gotta be only a matter of time.

A Duggar Family Photo
A nice photo of the Duggar family of TLC fame. They sure do have a lot of children! 19 kids and counting, one might even say.

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Leave them alone and let them live their own lives without your negative judgments! First of all they are a happy, healthy family and we should ALL be so lucky as to have what they have. I could never have, or want to have, 19 kids but that is THEIR choice and they have a nice home, plenty of what they need and are NOT on welfare.

@ snowmamm

U are a idiot the Duggars are a effen cult so relouios but yet on tv to make money what a joke Numbing is a control freak and ajerk the family makes me sick


I thought it would be a double wedding.


Stop posting about the DUGgars. Wasting your time.


getting to be like the Kartrashians..............looking for the publicity!!!!!


If you look at Jessa's Instagram feed, you'll see no pictures that actually show the hand she'd have a ring on. She's definitely hiding something, the same way they hid Jill's courting (until one of her little sister's gave up the news accidentally). I think they must have an agreement with the TLC show to keep personal things under wraps, for ratings obvs!


They're a beautiful couple.


Do people really give a hoot about these people? Don't you have friends and family of your own?


No way she got married without telling us a million times how they are saving their first kiss for marriage. I'm all for family values but I'm sick of their one story over and over.

@ Lion

And, there are those thousand guests who will all bring their gifts?


Who is going to look after the little ones now that 3 of the girls are either married or engaged and moving on with their own lives?


Those people are too much like a religious cult. The women are to be kept ignorant and pregnant. Having babies has become a sickness to that mother.