Jason Biggs Snaps Driving Selfie, Wife Breastfeeds in Backseat

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Jason Biggs has stepped into yet another controversy.

No, the actor didn't have sex with a hooker while his wife watched again. Nor did he mock a dead Bachelorette contestant.

But Biggs did snap a selfie while driving (the first no-no), while also giving Instagram followers a look at wife Jenny Mollen breastfeeding in the backseat (the second no-no, according to some at least).

Driving While Breastfeeding

"I hope I don't get pulled over and get a DWB (Driving While Breastfeeding). @jennyandteets2," the Orange is the New Black star wrote as a caption to the above photo.

You can't really make out baby or boob in this image, but the debate over breastfeeding - inside or outside of a moving car - continues to rage on.

A recent ad campaign recently caused controversy in Texas when it depicted the unsanitary conditions in which many moms are forced to feed their babies.

As a result of public shaming, many mothers feel like they are reduced to second-class citizens, or at least treated like them when it comes to nursing.

Meanwhile, a campaign to Stop Censoring Motherhood is going viral online, as parents protest what they think is unfair treatment by social media sites.

Where do celebrities stand on this issue? Via their own breastfeeding photos, a good number of them have made their stance very clear in recent months:


First of all there is no evidence in that image that she is even breastfeeding and I'm pretty sure you can't breastfeed in that position without making the baby and the mother uncomfortable. Two: If you notice on the back window there is soap. This suggests they are not actually moving but are infact in a carwash. Again there is no proof in this image that he is actually driving. In conclusion it looks like she may be comforting her baby and they are either in a carwash or stopped. There is not substantial evidence to depict that he is driving or she breastfeeding. What's the big problem is she is breastfeeding anyway?

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Give it a rest already I'd rather her do that in the car while he drives than in the middle of a restaurant. If she was driving would different. Tomorrow you people will complain because the sun is shining bright

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I feel the only thing wrong with this is he is driving while she is breast feeding. I always wear a seat belt while being in a moving vehicle so you can bet my kid always will be too!

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They do realize it is perfectly legal to pull the baby out and breast feed him right?

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