Hank Baskett Speaks on Marital Woes: It’s All Good!

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Marital problems? What marital problems?!?

According to People, Hank Baskett has admitted that he cheated on wife Kendra Wilkinson - but when cameras caught up with the former NFL wide receiver yesterday?

He seemed to be in a surprisingly jovial mood, despite the scandal. Is he still living at home? Does he have anything he'd like to confess? Who is he talking to on the phone?

Click below and listen to Hank speak out for the first time since rumors of his affair with transgender model Ava London hit the Internet a few weeks ago:

All reports indicate that London and Baskett gave each other hand jobs in April, after the latter contacted the former via the Internet.

Oh, did we mention that Kendra was eight months pregnant at the time with the couple's second child?

According to the above video, Baskett and Wilkinson are living together, but may be headed for divorce.

This actually runs counter to a previous report that alleges Kendra will NOT file for divorce because she comes from a broken home and doesn't want to see her kids grow up without a father.

It's a nice sentiment, that's for sure. It's selfless.

But Baskett supposedly cheated on his wife... with someone who has a penis. You tell us, THGers: Could you really keep a marriage going under these circumstances?

Kendra and Hank on Christmas
How could you pose with Kendra for a Christmas card one second, Hank? And then get it on with a transgender model the next second?!?

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Idk kinda is sickening, a big macho guy with another guy, & with such a hot wife. Makes me sick! I couldn't stay with him, I would be thinking of him & another guy. A BIG TURN OFF!


he like guys she like girls, Marital problems? What marital problems?!?


"It's all good"
Translation: All blacks are on the downlow, so he will stay busy


This shouldn't be about Kendra at all...as much as I never really cared for her, she did nothing wrong in this situation. The blame needs to go where it belongs which is with the husband. What a dog! I can understand her hesitation getting a divorce because of the background in which she grew up and coming from a broken home, but no one deserves that kind of treatment, especially from someone who 'loves' you. The children will still have a Father (a man can be a terrible husband but a great father)...but to teach your children that it's okay to treat people that way and that there are no consequences to such actions is NOT doing them any good. I definitely wouldn't think it's okay to teach my children that it's okay for 'daddy' to treat 'mommy' like that- because you know they won't stay sheltered from the truth forever.


Ha ha ha the girl next door was traded in for the tranny next door. Hey Kendra I don't see this having a happy ending. Oops poor choice of words


Of course Kendra is not going to divorce him. Her time to marry another football player has already passed.


psst: did we ever name it otherwise?