Hank Baskett and Kendra Wilkinson: Still Together... For Now

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According to multiple reports, and the following video, Kendra Wilkinson has ditched her wedding ring.

Will her husband be next?

Rumors continue to circulate that Hank Baskett cheated on Kendra with a transgender model named Ava London. Moreover, he did so while Wilkinson was 8 months pregnant.

The former Playboy model is yet to address this chatter publicly, brushing past a reporter in the footage below, yet still making a statement via her bare ring finger:

According to TMZ, Baskett and Wilkinson are still together.

The former disappeared for a couple days in the middle of this scandal, but has been living at home with his wife (and two kids!) for close to a week now.

An insider confirms the pair is “working through issues” and have not split. Yet, that is.

But the longer they remain quiet, the more Ava London talks to tabloids and confirms just how intimate she got with Baskett... the more likely we'll be to add Hank to the following list.

And it's a list no one wants to be on.

Tiger Woods
Really, everyone else on this list is just playing for second place.

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Damn! First Casper Smart,now Hank. Just what is this thing with cheating with "chicks" with dicks,anyway? Or is "she" one of those "chicks" who has both a penis AND a vagina. And whether or not if the rumors are true,well,something must be wrong because she's not wearing her wedding ring anymore.


I love Kendra and Hank (even though I don't know them). They are a beautiful couple to me. I hope what Ava London is saying is not true and whatever Kendra and Hank are going through I hope that they can work it out.