Golden Retriever Loves When Owner Plays Music, Gets Sad When He Stops

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Who says dogs can't smile?

Seriously... who?!?

We challenge this individual to maintain such a stance when faced with the following video. It features a Golden Retriever sitting quietly and patiently as its owner strums the guitar, clearly very happy with the situation.

But when the guy stops? Even just for a second?

You won't believe how his pet reacts:

Many believe that Golden Retrievers are the cutest breed of dog out there - and it's difficult to argue with this stance.

Just consider this Golden Retriever eating corn like a human and this Golden Retriever... who adopted a rescue kitten!!!

Combine these examples with the smiling guy above and the case is made pretty well.

Black, White and Messy
Smile, pup! You may be having a bad hair day, but you're still very adorable.

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