George R.R. Martin Wins Comic Con With Hilarious Khaleesi Photo!

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George R.R. Martin is something of a god in the nerd world, so it stands to reason that he's in attendance at at Comic Con 2014, currently being held in San Diego.

Martin clearly has no problem pissing off fans when it comes to things like killing off characters, or taking freakin' forever to wrap up a story, but when a young Game of Thrones devotee approaches him with a hilarious request, GRRM is apparently happy to oblige.

George R.R. Martin Khaleesi Photo

The dude in the foreground is a Reddit user who crossed paths with Martin at the convention and asked him to stick his head through a Daenerys Targaryen cut-out. Judging by the photo the author promptly, and awesomely did so.

Sure, Emilia Clarke might be the hottest woman alive, but we think George makes a pretty convincing Khaleesi. If she ever has to bow out for any reason, we say just have Martin fill the role. No one will even notice.

This photo is so amazing, we'll go ahead and forgive Martin for traumatizing us with the Red Wedding.

And the many many other times he's given us nightmares. And the countless occasions in which he created characters we would root for just to kill them in the most brutal...

Actually, come to think of it, sorry dude, you're still on out sh-t list.

Viserys Gets Crowned
Viserys was up there with King Joffrey in terms of douchebags we loved to hate. Even so, his death by molten gold is tough to watch.

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"George R.R. Martin is something of a god in the nerd world" If Gods are overweight, lazy slobs who do everything they can to actually avoid doing their job, then yes, yes he is. Perhaps he should be ... oh ... I dunno ... at home writing?
A Game of Thrones (1996)
A Clash of Kings (1998)
A Storm of Swords (2000)
A Feast for Crows (2005)
A Dance with Dragons (2011) Seriously? Five books. It's been nearly 20 years.

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frack you george! release the freakin book already you fat biotch

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Man, the market in stealing material from Reddit is huge these days.

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american humor?
SO SORRY, folks!!

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