Freddie Prinze Jr: Kiefer Sutherland Is A DRUNK!

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Earlier this week, Freddie Prinze, Jr. bashed Kiefer Sutherland, claiming that his former 24 co-star was so unprofessional that he nearly led Prinze to quit acting altogether.

In a highly unexpected move, Jack Bauer backed away from a conflict for the first time ever, and Sutherland responded to Prinze in remarkably mature fashion. 

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"Kiefer enjoyed working with Freddie and wishes him the best," said a rep for Sutherland.

It's admirable of Sutherland to try and take the high road, but if he catches wind of Freddie's explanation for why he was such a nightmare to work with, Kief may be forced to go full Bauer:

TMZ says Prinze has been spreading the word that Sutherland is "a drunk," who would often show up to set hammered. 

Prinze reportedly claims that when Sutherland arrived late, sloshed, or hungover, he would then sequester himself in his trailer for hours and either drink more or sleep it off.

Prinze had recently become a father around this time, so it's easy to see why he might have been upset with having to stay on set several hours longer than expected every day.

Kiefer has yet to respond to claims that he's a problem boozer, but Freddie's allegations kinda goes along with his reputation.

Sutherland's been arrested for DUI on several occasions and was locked up for his offenses in 2007. He is currently featured in commercials for Jose Cuervo tequila.


Why would this be a surprise? Donald was a drunk druggie, might still be for all I know. Still...why bring all this up now some years later Freddie?


Everyone knows he had a serious problem. Why say something today all of these years later? That is just a cheap shot and now gossip. Years ago it may have been helpful. Today, its pretty self serving and nasty. Is it helpful to say Freddie Sr was a junkie that loved dope more than his pregnant wife? I guess its just gossip now that hes dead.

@ siriusthecat

Still, Freddie rose beyond all that his dad was. Kiefer not only hasn't, he possibly even uses it as excuse to be a drunk druggie himself.

Summer larose

Alcoholism is a rough thing for someone to go through. They need help and support more than bashing them. What exactly got up Freddie Prinze Jr.'s butt lately where he just felt the need to randomly bash out at someone he worked with once? That seems kind of childish and mean. That also seems like one of the classic ways a celebrity tries to get their name back in the news, by fueding with another celebrity. And I guess it has worked. I haven't heard anything about Freddie Prinze Jr lately, to me it's like he had dropped off the earth. Now suddenly he goes on attacking somebody and his name is back in the news. So is that it, is it some cheesy attempt to become relevant somehow again? Is it that Freddie is a drunk or drug addict himself, and so he can't control his lashing out at people? You know this says that Freddie almost quit acting altogether because of this (um, okay?) - maybe he would have been doing us all a favor if he did. Why don't you go back into obscurity again Freddie instead of jumping out trying to bully people and bash on them. If you're that desperate for attention you could start partaking on the "Celebrity" reality shows with all the other C to E list celebrities who had a brief moment once.

@ MewmewGirl

Freddie doesn't need to work; he and Sarah have rather nice bank accounts, mostly due to what his father left him and what Sarah earned as Buffy.


Freddie Prinze Jr. is just a sad case of hater gone wild, because he has no talent and has no real offers for acting. A couple of teenie booper movies 10-15 years ago does not make you a talented actor. He's traded on his late father's name and now even that has run it's coarse. Crawl back under the rock you came from, nobody cares about you or your sad acting career. Stop trying to get your name back into the media by dragging someone else's through the mud. Kiefer Sutherland burps more talent after a cold one than your whole pitiful career put together.

@ Keith

You sound like more of a hater than Freddie does.


..forgot narcotics?

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