Farrah Abraham-Jenelle Evans Feud Heats Up With "Miss Pornstar" Comment!

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Farrah Abraham and Jenelle Evans seem to have a lot on common: they both became famous from getting knocked up in their teens and they've both remained in the news through their never-ending series of bad decisions.

But as we learned last month when Jenelle blasted Farrah on Twitter, these two train wrecks simply don't get along and Farrah certainly didn't help matters by sounding off on Jenelle in a recent interview:

Asked for her thoughts on Jenelle giving birth to her second child, Farrah threw shade all over the joyous occasion by suggesting that Jenelle is unable to provide for her children.

"In my life, women are not continually having babies and putting hardships and having the drama and putting the hardships around their children," said Farrah. "I'm really not about living that lifestyle anymore and I only want to make the best environment for my daughter."

"I would never go find a boyfriend right now, get pregnant, have a second child without a plan," Farrah added.

Clearly unimpressed by Farrah's mastery of the word "hardships," Jenelle fired back on Twitter, saying, "I was waiting on Miss Pornstar's comments, lol. She always has to stay relevant in the media or she's afraid she will be forgotten FAST."

Yup. She took it there. Apparently, Jenelle didn't read the interview in which Farrah explains the difference between a porn and a sex tape.

Regardless, it looks as though she won this round decisively. We can't believe we're saying this, but Jenelle Evans has the upper hand!

Farrah Abraham Vagina Costume
Farrah Abraham dresses up like a vagina. You cannot make this stuff up.

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You are stupid Farrah. Stupid.


WHO ARE THEY ?? I only clicked on this to find out what dingy corner of celebrity-dom the are from, but there is no info


they also have in common that they offer absolutely zero to the world.


some people collect stamps