Chris Soules: Not the Next Bachelor After All?

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Season 10 of The Bachelorette is headed down the home stretch, with just two episodes (one of them being the Men Tell All special) to go this summer.

Obviously, the two big questions on every viewer's mind are:

  1. Will Andi Dorfman pick Nick Viall or Josh Murray?
  2. Who will be The Bachelor come January 2015?
Soules Man

The Bachelorette spoilers have shed light on the first topic, perhaps more so than in any previous season, given the video footage that surfaced.

If you haven't seen Nick Viall talk about the finale on the plane ride back from the Dominican, that will tell you how it went ... one way or the other.

As for who will dole out the roses next season, it was widely believed to be Chris Soules' gig if he wanted it, but now we're not quite so sure.

Mike Fleiss, one of the show's executive producers, tweeted some very suspicious, ambiguous thoughts about what a #toughcall it has been to pick.

Subterfuge to throw us off the trail? Saying it's a tough decision out of respect for other hopefuls even if the inevitable answer is still Chris the Farmer?

Very possible. It's still hard to see Chris Soules not getting it.

Marquel Martin had some serious fan support, as did Marcus Grodd, but with both signed on for Bachelor in Paradise, you can cross them off the list.

The runner-up - be it Josh Murray or Nick Viall - could still be in the mix, although not since Ben Flajnik has a second-place finisher gotten the nod.

The producers could always reach back to a past season for a fan favorite, such as Arie Luyendyk Jr., but we'd still guess Chris is the pick if he wants it.

Would it be a good move on the show's part? Vote:

Chris Soules as The Bachelor: Good choice?


Criss is the best boy. He is smart, polite, backbone, has dignity, hard worker etc. It is true no woman wants to live on a farm the whole life BUT I think she can work in a city and have a real family. Criss is handsome, special man you do not think he is a farmer. Criss should be the next bachelor. Good luck Criss!!!

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Chris is a farmer and can't take that much more time off from his business! If they cast him, they would have to make sure that the women were already aware that he is a farmer, to be fair. MOST women would NOT choose to live on a farm for the rest of their life!!! Chris is NOT a good choice! I think Marquel should be the one~!

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Chris is handsome, honest, has backbone, is charming, and seems to know who he is. He was by far the best guy on this otherwise stupid show. And he is WAY TOO GOOD for Andi.

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no, I still am ladies, so hurry........(or don't).

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