Britney Spears Sings "Alien" With No Autotune: Beyond Terrible Track Leaked!

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Breaking news: Britney Spears is NOT an amazing vocalist ... said nobody, ever. Shocking, it's not, but this recently leaked track is still worth a listen.

A recording of Britney singing her song "Alien" with no autotune has leaked, and wow. Just wow. This could not even earn a callback on American Idol:

It's unclear why or exactly when, but the 32-year-old pop sensation's unedited vocal version of "Alien" hit the web this week, and gave it goose bumps.

Not the good, Ariana Grande-style vocal goose bumps, either.

The song from the mother-of-two's most recent album, Britney Jean, can be heard in its official, auto-tuned glory after the jump, for comparison:

Producer William Orbit has come to the singer's defense.

Claiming this was a warmup session and not a take meant for the album, he says to cut her a break. Fair enough. It's not like this is wholly surprising anyway.

Nor is it the first auto-tune-free track of hers that's made waves. Have you heard the isolated vocal track of Britney Spears lip-syncing in Vegas?

That head-scratching gem is worth another play as well ...

Bottom line? She's great at what she does.

What she does, however, is not this.

For all the great things Britney Spears has accomplished, she will never earn a gold star for raw vocal performance, which is either sad or impressive.

Girl has overcome a total lack of singing talent to sell tens of millions of albums. That kind of rising above adversity is downright inspirational.

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