Boyfriend Proposes Via Dancing Mickey Mice, Beyonce and MJ: Watch Now!

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Well, boyfriends around the world, the bar has been raised yet again.

In the following video, a man named Jehan combines his girlfriend’s favorite things (Michael Jackson, Beyonce, Mickey Mouse, etc.) to create a truly epic marriage proposal.

It features a costumed flash mob, a number of hit songs, some very impressive moves and, oh, right: Jehan actually asking for his love's hand in marriage!

Also, tears. So many tears of joy and shock and happiness:

Is this more impressive than an underwater marriage proposal in which nary a word is uttered?

We'll let our readers decide!

Sit back, click through a number of impressively-staged proposal and then wonder how you'll ever top these, fellas:

Man Falls Off Building, Proposes
This man is willing to die for love. Sort of. Watch his unparalleled proposal now.

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