Andre Hamann Serenades Selena Gomez on Instagram, Makes Singer’s Night

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Might the loss of Justin Bieber be the gain of Andre Hamann?

This male model posted a wordless video to Instagram on Saturday night, simply strumming his guitar online and tagging the musical message with "@SelenaGomez."

The singer then replied on Hamann's account, leaving a note that reads "Thank you, made my night."

Oh, and she included along with it a blushing-face emoji. EEEK!

Hamann is a Germany-born model who speaks two languages (not counting the language of love).

He owns a clothing company called Haze And Glory and stands 6’1” off the ground.

It's unclear exactly where he stands with Selena, but could anyone blame Gomez if she's dipping her toes into the hot modeling pool?

Bieber has been posting flirty photos for weeks of himself and Yovanna Ventura, while also giving props to Ashley Moore for her racy lingerie photos.

He and Selena are very much over, with bitter barbs and attractive photos of other suitors being exchanged over Instagram for millions of followers to see.

Are you on Team Justin, Team Selena or Team These Two Are Clearly Better Off Apart and Let's Just Hope Each Is Now Happy?


I hope she takes advantage of allowing someone to keep making her smile as the many chances to the one who makes her cry. That's what makes the difference from a boy as oppose to a man.

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From where I am standing he looks almost as close to perfection as a man can get....but we all know how that goes. Actions speak louder than words. He looks a little like Liam Hemsworth, but BETTER. I hope that is not a bad thing. And he's tall. I LOVE tall. AND no Diaper Pants! Yay.

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Gorgeous, talented, intelligent, family oriented, successful, romantic, a GROWN UP, available and crushing on you....there's a lot to like here Selenita linda. Upward and Onward. If you choose to go forward, Remember....don't settle for someone who does not share your values. He has to do more than talk the talk. Actions speak louder than words.

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