23 Celebrity Smokers Who Might Really Surprise You (and Lindsay Lohan, Too)

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Given all the excesses available in Hollywood, and all the stressed-out creative types who work there, it's not surprising that we could come up with a list of celebrity smokers.

Some of the individuals who made said list may surprise you, though.

Despite the obvious risks of bad breath, yellow teeth and ... what's that one we forgot ... oh, right, lung cancer, countless celebrities still smoke cigarettes.

Hey, at least they can afford to pay the sin tax on those $10 packs?

If you know who Lindsay Lohan is, chances are you know Lindsay Lohan smokes. Ditto Charlie Sheen. But you'd never think some of these other stars partake.

Take a look at 23 celeb smokers who should probably quit:

Katherine Heigl
Katherine Heigl is smoking hot ... although her smoking habit is so not. She also thinks e-cigarettes are cool, which is almost funny but more sad than anything.

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these aren't shocking there's always been smokers in the entertainment industry and smoking isn't the only cause of Lung cancer exposure to asbestos as in construction ship building and military uses. Joanne Woodward smoked for 45 years and doesn't have lung cancer though she had a scare five years ago where a polyp was detected on one of her lungs but it turned out to be non cancerous which was a great relief as her beloved husband Paul Newman had passed away the year before after a two year battle with lung cancer through which she had cared for him as a loving spouse does in that situation but losing him after 50+ years of marriage left her in a deep depression and not wanting to see even her closest friends

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Why does this "surprise" you? Name one celeb that DOESN'T SMOKE!?

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her skin will be stopped up inn the end.

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