19 Seriously Hilarious Sunburns: OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The following photo gallery complete replete with multiple life lessons:

  • Do not fall asleep in the sun while spooning.
  • Do not fall asleep in the sun alongside any so-called friends.
  • Do not fall asleep in the sun with your tag sticking out.
  • Do not fall asleep in the fake sun with an eye mask on... Kim Kardashian.

It's true, even people who rake in millions by having sex with Ray J on camera are not immune to some seriously painful sunburns.

Toggle through the following slideshow now to see what happened to Kim in a tanning booth, and also to see what happened to many everyday human beings who are deathly afraid to shower right about now...

Scarred by Silverware.
This is what happens when you fall asleep in the sun after eating a bowl of ice cream. Take note.

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the best solution in years, don´t go sunbathing at all.
so you won´t get burned in the first place.