11 Stars Who Don't Like Justin Bieber: You're Not Alone, Orlando Bloom!

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As the entire free world now knows, Justin Bieber got into it with Orlando Bloom last night.

The actor tried to punch Bieber over the singer's relationship with Bloom's ex-wife, Miranda Kerr, an action that may have been met with anger by Beliebers around the globe...

... but it was greeted by applause from the following celebrities.

Indeed, Bloom isn't the first famous person to have a beef with Justin Bieber.

Drake Bell wanted to get him deported. Seth Rogan thinks he's an A-Hole. And Taylor Swift gets grossed out at the sight of Selena Gomez pecking her occasional boyfriend.

The basis for the beefs documented below may differ, but one similarity remains: everyone here wants to punch Justin Bieber.


No one cares about 3 rate celebrities who are jealous Justin Bieber gets more attention and interest from the media than they do; Shrek Bell is a fake who talks about bullying yet bullies Justin and his young fans on twitter non stop. Since we did this country began to endorse the public bullying of a kid who does what most teens do today? Then an attempt at assault and battery is praised? American should be ashamed of it's people.
Note that mostly adult whites are the ones trashing this kid as I have seen in pics of those commenting on tweeter, instagram, and sites. Writers at sites like this are instrumental in inciting hatred toward this young man.

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