Yup, Even Lions Hate Taking a Bath

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It's official (and sort of amazing):

ALL cats hate baths.

The owner of any domestic feline already knows this to be true, but a new video has surfaced that depicts the supposed King of the Jungle cowering and whimpering in the face of soap and water.

We have no idea how this guy got up the courage to enter this cage in the first place - but once he did, dude TOTALLY OWNED this lion...

Pretty cool and funny, no?

In other unexpected wild animal news, check out this video of a woman singing an elephant to sleep.

And then click around and enjoy a handful of other awesome animal videos:

Penguins Continually Tumble Over Rope
These penguins are trying really hard to walk over this rope. But, hilariously, none can do so.

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use the shower next time!!

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