True Tori Reunion Recap: Are They Still Together?!

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Like all good reality shows, True Tori aired a reunion special a week after its finale, getting everyone together to catch up on what has happened since.

Yes, it's a husband and wife reunion special. Not weird at all.

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott sat down individually and together to go over the last six weeks, rehash what we saw and tell us what we didn't.

We were promised our burning questions would be answered ... but were they? Certainly not if Dean cheated more than once. She won't ask that.

Spelling started off her portion of the reunion by saying that people's reactions have largely been that she should have left Dean after he cheated, however:

  • There are the couple's four children to also consider
  • She still had a lot of love for McDermott deep down
  • She saw a gold mine opportunity with this TV show

Okay, that last one we just wrote. You gotta wonder, though ...

As for the kids, Tori says she's glad she has this show as a record of what happened so they will see how their mom and dad persevered through this.

That's a heck of a positive spin to put on a giant charade.

During Dean McDermott's turn, he said the insane fight with Tori Spelling we watched a few weeks ago was the hardest, and most cathartic, part.

And when the couple FINALLY came together on camera?

Tori won't say if they have had sex since the show, but she does say they've had "intimate moments" as they work on their marriage and so forth.

She says it was a wake-up call and while she stops short of calling it a good thing, remains pretty optimistic that this is going to work out long-term.

The show ends with a couple of HUGE reveals:

  1. Dean got Tori's wedding vows tattooed on his side, saying he'll never break them again ... not that having her name above his junk stopped him.
  2. The repentant, philandering McDermott wrote a song for his beloved bride that actually includes the line "broken trust for a dance with lust."

The kids are going to love watching this down the road.


If you have not been through what Tori has been through then you have no right to say what she should nor should not do. I have and I can tell you that it takes a lot of time and tears to decide what you are going to or should do. Children are always a factor. Six weeks is not enough time to make a decision that affects the rest of your life and the lives of your children as well as the cheater. So let her heal before she decides.

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I hate that they're using their children as an excuse as to why they're staying together. Such a lie...Shame on them.

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Of course they are still together. ho else would put up with them?

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@ jamie

Sorry, WHO else would have them?

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If she is really concerned about the children as she claims she would have left him immediately. That would show the children respect for yourself and not groveling and allowing yourself to be treated like dirt...not a good role model for children. Also...if she cares about her children stop filming them for money and public consumption.

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@ Christina

Agreed! Do neither of them realize one day, maybe soon, these children might see all this crap on the show, the pain it caused the parents, the excuses tossed back and forth, etc. etc. etc., and that will most likely hurt the children too?
I'm thinking Tori will say or do anything for money, and because Dean has done so much wrong (and probably will again in the future), he'll say or do whatever she tells him to do so he doesn't lose his cash cow.
Lord, how surprised they're both going to be when her momma doesn't leave Tori as much as Tori thinks she will - if anything at all.
Those poor kids. Praying for them for sure. They deserve so much better than the lot in life their parents have dug for them.

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