The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 9 Episode 10 Recap: Gossip Girls

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On The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 9 Episode 10, the feud between Shannon Beador and Heather Dubrow got more feud-y and Tamra and Eddie Judge had a robot baby!

Con...grats? Then there was that whole being flashed by Brooks Ayers thing that's burned into our brains forever and ever. And likely yours too if you saw it.

You really should watch The Real Housewives of Orange County online at TV Fanatic to see it all for yourself. In the meantime, read on for THG's recap!

The rift between Heather and Shannon turned into a canyon when Shannon received a text from David that said Heather had been talking about the Beador marriage at lunch with girlfriends.

Shannon knows she only told Tamra about the email. Tamra says "I didn't tell anybody!" Liar liar, skin tight pants on fire!

Shannon says she "100% believes" Tamra and leaves, distraught and not entirely sure what to do but vowing to fix her marriage no matter what. 

David comes home and apologizes but doesn't seem to change any of his dry and sarcastic ways, even taking a stab at the fact that Shannon can't have dinner ready for him when he gets home, which is why he snacks on chips and salsa before dinner. With that comment David ventures into Supremo Douchebag territory.

As a trial run for having a baby, since Eddie has no experience with tiny, helpless humans, Tamra gets the bright idea to rent a robot baby. Eddie names him Astro and Tamra takes a picture of his #babyballs to share with Vicki. Because it's Tamra.

Vicki, all alone and super lonely, mixes a protein shake that must taste like garbage judging by her face, and calls Brooks to discuss their upcoming trip to Puerto Vallarta. They're not spending a lot of time together lately because he's traveling so much for work, which must mean he has a Sugar Mama in every port.

It's okay. You can flog me later for the mental images of Brooks with various paramours mooching new teeth and fancy cars out of them.

They've invited Shannon and David to come along with them for part of the trip, so that should be interesting.

Heather and Terry are getting ready for a surprise party when Shannon knocks on the door. Who does that? Who just knocks on a door and says "I was in the neighborhood and thought I'd stop by this house where you live and no, we're not friends at all, but I'm stopping by anyway"?

Shannon Beador, that's who.

She wants to know who gave Heather sensitive information about her marriage. Heather says she's shocked because she thought Shannon came by to apologize for yelling at her during the Beador Christmas party. 

Now Shannon's shocked and also telling Terry he's poured her drink too strong. The woman has ordered and/or been drinking vodka in every get together we've seen her in, so "too strong" probably isn't really a thing for her.

When Shannon implores Heather mother-to-mother to tell her what she knows because the information out there is damaging to Shannon's children, Heather comments that it's weird that she thinks she and Shannon have that kind of relationship. And yeah, it's weird. 

As Shannon grows increasingly more irritated, Heather tells her to leave, which Shannon takes as the biggest insult ever saying she's never been kicked out of someone's home before.

She calls David on her drive home and says she knows Tamra was the rat.

Shannon invites Lizzie over for an essential oils party and snaps at Danielle, calling her "quite judgmental" when Danielle dares make a comment about drinking vodka neat. It's pretty hostile and Danielle says nothing for the rest of the outing. 

Lizzie, however, says she doesn't think Tamra would do anything maliciously. 

Vicki and Brooks arrive in Puerto Vallarta and when Brooks gives Vicki a cold reception, she says she wished he'd kiss her or give her a "titty twister" or something. BAAAAAAAAAARF. 

She shows him around her second city and then they get a couples massage where, thank modern technology for the blurring feature, Brooks tells Vicki he's turned on while getting a massage from a stranger. shuddershuddershudder.

While Lizzie meets Heather and Terry for dinner, Tamra and Shannon meet for dinner at another restaurant. 

Tamra comes clean about telling Heather about the email but says she did it in a way that she thought would get Heather to lay off of Shannon a little, which is true, but which is also Tamra's way of shifting the blame. 

Heather confirms to Lizzie that she did tell some other OC women about the email, but really didn't think it was that big a deal. 

Shannon doesn't know if she'll ever trust Tamra again and thinks Heather is just cruel.

And that's that for The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 9 Episode 10. Check back next week for more drama and learn the secrets of life from some of your favorite housewives below!


Shannon clearly has emotional issues. Instead of spending her husbands money, faster than he can make it, she needs to get a part time job, somewhere. I cant see how she is that overworked, she cant have a meal ready for David, when he gets home. He seems really fed up with her. Sorry, Shannon, get a clue, stop spending, get cooking lessons!

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I wonder what Tamra will think when she sees the episode where Heather had the "bull" cranked up and then completely "acted" concerned when Tamra was thrown off and hurt. Interesting when Heather mentioned "law suit" under her breath, as she knew she was responsible for it. I hope Tamra confronts Heather during the reunion as this incident clearly shows who Heather truely is. I completely changed my opinion of Heather and think she is truely a piece of work. Shannon my have her issues, but at least she's honest.

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Heather can't claim she was talking about Shannon's marital problems out of some concern. She was just plain enjoying gossiping as she doesn't give two figs for Shannon and when told about it by Tamra didn't budge an inch incutting any slack. Now Tamra is saying Heather was concerned when she was told about Shannon's problems. No she was not they are liars and only care about themselves. They have zero interest in being a good friend and were entertaining themselves with someone else's stuff. Heather is the one who is obsessed and allways talking about Shannon and she proved by doing what but talking about it at lunch for no good reason but to be a nasty joker faced botch.

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I think Shannon is more the sit down and look at you kinda gal. Since Tamara denied spilling the beans she probably felt she had to go to the source to see what she would say. Also some people screen their calls and maybe that's the only way she could talk to Heather. That being said I hope Shannon never tries it again as Heather is a total ice queen and you'll get no sympathy there no how no way!!!! Heather only softens up for Tamara tears for some reason even though shes the common denominator in most of these problems.I would have required a stiff drink to enter the house f Dubrow as well but they probably offered it to make Shannon look like a lush.

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What a weird episode. Shannon's behavior is totally out of whack. Who would show up unannounced at their nemesis' house to demand an explanation for a divulged secret that should not have been, as Shannon did? It defies logic. Shannon thinking that after berating Heather during the Christmas party at her house, Heather would just welcome her with open arms and be contrite? How delusional. Makes me think that the whole thing is scripted because it's such an unlikely turns of events. I'm starting to think there is something seriously wrong with Shannon, or the program is totally fake and scripted.

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@ avalisme

I thought Heather and Shannon agreed to let bygones be bygones and address any issues face to face? The truth of the matter is Heather was cornered. She knew she had told the women about Shannon's marital problems and didn't want to admit. First she tries turning the conversation into how she felt like she was ambushed. When Shannon tries to steer the conversation back to the reason why she was there, Heather feigns being insulted and indignant and throws Shannon out of her house. Heather is a master at flipping things around and making everything about her. She is a lying, egotistical, narcissistic, insufferable, vain, unconscionable witch spelled with a B!

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@ avalisme

Heather is such a two faced woman....not a lady!

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