Ridiculous Petition Calls for Beyonce and Jay Z to Comb Blue Ivy's Hair

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People really do suck sometimes, don't they?

There's TMZ, which insists on posing footage from Tracy Morgan's car crash.

And now there’s Jasmine Toliver, who saw a new photo of Blue Ivy Carter with her dad this week and decided it was her job to diss a toddler’s hairstyle.

Blue Ivy and Dad
Blue Ivy is held here by her famous father in the airport. The kid sure is a cutie, isn't she?

Toliver has started the Change.org petition entitled "Comb Her Hair,” explaining its ridiculous mission thusly:

As a woman who understands the importance of hair care, it's disturbing to watch a child suffering from the lack of hair moisture. The parents of Blue Ivy. Sean Carter a.k.a Jay Z and Beyoncé have failed at numerous attempts of doing Blue Ivy's hair.

This matter has escalated to the child developing matted dreads and lint balls. Please let's get the word out to properly care for Blue Ivy hair.

Yes, Jasmine. Blue Ivy is clearly suffering. Big time.

She looks miserable in these birthday party photos, doesn't she?

And it’s definitely worth your time to call out a toddler - who just awoke from a nap and was exiting a private plane in the photo you're referencing - for having ugly hair.

Fortunately, Toliver has only garnered 15 signatures so far on her petition. So perhaps we should modify our opening statement above and simply say:

A select number of people really do suck sometimes, don't they?

Willow Smith Pink Hair
Willow Smith has now gone pink. The young singer keeps changing the color of her locks. What do you think of the latest?

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Beyoncé, don't let these people get to you and the family. Blue Ivy is beautiful and so are you!!!


This is my answer to all who sign that petition-- --> Go Somewhere And stick That Comb Where The Sun Doesn't Shine, And Comb Ya Own Dam Hair...And Stop !!!! Starkin Others Peoples Family And Mind Ya Own Business...Yall Sick Mentally Get A Life!!!!! And i bet these are the same people, that would be chasin that baby with a HOT COMB scarin her half too death, just to get her hair to look more WHITE for their own self esteem and glorification.. and make that baby tender headed, and try to rake her head in pain every day..


This is stupid, this child does not need any well meaning non-thinking person opening her pie whole to let everyone see that she can NOT think. You see, there are small children walking around with tightly braided hair with little beads that hurt when you lie down. The poor little girls have to suffer for hours for their hair do and you know what that is torture. There will come a day when the child herself learns how to groom our hair and it is her choice to do that her way and if she doesn't want to comb it who am I to say otherwise. These people can say what they think but they should draw the line at bringing attention to this child and who she is, what the petitioner did was criminal in my personal opinion. Mind your own business, and if you ms. petitioner are a parent worry about your dang kids or devote your efforts to aiding young children in poverty. Let me see start a petition calling for an increase in the minimum wage or spearhead a voter registration campaign amongst your peers otherwise take a seat or two and stfu.


Get a life u stupid dumb Bitch clearly u have Nothing else better to do.then start this stupid ass petition what shocks me is how many other stupid ass ppl sign the the dam thing..this child have more going for her self than u can even imagine..


I'm just surprised to see a picture of BLUE IVY showing her face! Can't believe Beyonce let this one slip by her LOL


They have enough money to get someone to comb her hair please do so.

@ johnnie

Funny but baby... BlueIvy is the spitting image of her aunt Solange now!


It's never wrong to speak on behalf of a child. It can assure extra care for them if nothi

@ concerned

blue ivy seem to have nice hair if this is the way they want there child hair to look that is there life but i bet you beyonce or jay z will not leave the house with there do looking undone