Pearl Jam (Yes, Pearl Jam!) Covers "Let It Go"

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We're not sure if Hell has frozen over as a result of the following video...

... but Eddie Vedder and company certainly have!

In the most unexpected cover to date of Frozen's "Let It Go," Pearl Jam launched in this annoying timeless song's chorus while performing in Milan over the weekend.

Switching things up in the middle of “Daughter,” Vedder (who has two young daughters) shocked concert goers with a few lines from Elsa’s Oscar-winning hit, which was originally sang by Idina Menzel and also covered by Demi Lovato for a pop version on the film soundtrack.

Did the band do "Let It Go" justice? Judge for yourself.

Others who have tried their hand voice at this track include Majesty Rose on The X Factor and... Arnold Schwarzenegger?

See the former Governor of California sort of give it a shot now:

Arnold Schwarzenegger Covers "Let It Go"
Arnold Schwarzenegger sort of covers "Let It Go" in this Jimmy Fallon bit. But he definitely ruins it forever.

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