Natalia Vodianova Enters Public Breastfeeding Debate, Posts Revealing Photo

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Natalia Vodianova is posing naked on Instagram.

Because she's a gorgeous Russian model, one would think this would be creating quite the online stir… and one would be right.

But not for the usual drool-inducing reason.

Vodianova - who has worked with such big names as Calvin Klein - was photographed by Paolo Roversi for an image she posted on Instagram.

It features the mother breastfeeding her one-month old and, as you might expect, it's led to yet another debate on whether or not mothers should keep this practice private.

Natalia Vodianova Breastfeeding Photo

A student campaign in Texas last month brought this issue to the forefront, as a number of young women showed the dirty effects of forcing new moms to hide this act of nature behind closed doors.

Other well-known women who have posed for breastfeeding photos on the Internet include Gisele Bundchen, while a woman named Lucy Eades made national news last summer for berating a breastfeeding critic in a rec center.

It's clear now where Vodianova stands on this issue.

But where do YOU stand? Should moms breastfeed in public?


You know.. I get the whole breastfeeding thing. It IS natural and it is beautiful.. but dang. Why does she have to try to be all sexy and naked while feeding her kid? THAT grosses me out.

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sorry to say but this photo is used by americans for wanking..............

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So THIS is inappropriate yet Rhihanna can go naked to an awards show!!? Oh! Maybe breastfeeding your child is ok if you glue some crystals on your chest... this is one f*cked up world we live in..

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