Miley Cyrus Posts Pre-Shower Selfie, Frees Her Nipple

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Miley Cyrus doesn't just talk the talk.

She walks the walk... by standing still and wearing VERY little clothing.

The singer, a major player in the anti-censorship free the nipple campaign, posted a revealing photo to Instagram over the weekend, snapping a selfie that leaves little to the imagination and writing as a caption to the image:


Miley Cyrus, Topless Again

Unlike Kendall Jenner's underwear-free look at last night's MuchMusic Video Awards in Canada, Miley is only wearing underwear in this picture.

And thank goodness for that at least.

The Internet, of course, is no stranger to Miley Cyrus topless pics.

But the singer did throw on a couple layers after cleaning herself off, following the above image with a post-shower shot of herself:

Miley Cyrus in Bra and Panties

Miley has actually kept her clothes on for the most part over the past few weeks, having returned to the road following an allergy-based hospital stay.

She caused a different kind of uproar while performing in Milan last week, however, clearly dissing Selena Gomez in concert.

We don't consider ourselves fashion experts, but perhaps Cyrus should spend less time bashing other artists and more time putting on a shirt...

Miley Cyrus "Adore You" Cover
Yup, Miley Cyrus is topless again. This time, it's for the "Adore You" remix cover.

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Someone should tell him that there is a class action lawsuit for that drug that made young boys grow boobs.