Miley Cyrus Loses Award to Selena Gomez, Throws Tantrum on Twitter

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Last night, the 2014 MuchMusic Video Awards were held in Toronto, and while Miley Cyrus was not in attendance, she still managed to make her presence felt.

Miley's assault on Selena Gomez continued on Twitter during the awards show when the Queen of Twerk expressed her dismay at losing the International Artist of the Year prize to her rival Selena.

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"Wigged woting is wack wust waying," Cyrus tweeted shortly after the results were announced. For those not fluent in Miley that's "Rigged voting is whack, just saying."

Not exactly a gracious defeat on Miley's part. Maybe reactions like that are why Selena has no respect for Miley anymore. 

Or maybe Miley reacted that way because she knows Selena has no respect for her.

Tough to say, as we really have no idea when or why this feud got started.

Miley fired the first shots last week when she angrily tossed a Selena doll into the crowd during a performance, but she hasn't given any indication as to what Selena did to get on her bad side. 

For their part, the folks at MuchMusic responded to the rigged voting allegations by posting results which indicate that Selena bested Miley by just a few hundred thousand votes, with each singer receiving over 20 million ballots in their favor.

So we guess you can chalk this one up as a (very minor) victory for Selena in this weird, ongoing war.

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what a jerk you are mily


that was stupid.why wold miley do that to the adroeble girl. selena didint do anything. even selena fell she still beautiful i hope she didint went to the hopsitle because of that mily brat


the votes were rigged, i'm not even a miley fan and i know that, people were talking about it on twitter. miley's vote number was reduced kept everytime she got the lead ahead of selena.
and lets be hoenst here, selena can't sing to save her life, miley on the otherhand (tho she has made questionable choices) has real talent.


Karma.... You talk about Selena and call her names as well as down this girl. We'll it came back to bite you now didn't it. I bet you feel stupid. Now she's laughing at you!!


Not surprised to hear Miley's a sore loser. While Selena is a sweet lady oozing class, Miley has become little more than a whining totally déclasse attention whore.


Neither one of them deserved to win international artist. They just aren't artists. Better Selena than that freak Miley though. Yuck.


To least it's not a story about the K Klan. Actually had no idea Selena had anything out to put up for an award. I'm really out of touch with this whole teen thing. Pretty sure this is voter award and Selana has Biebers fans behind her. IMHO haven't heard anything this year by either girl award worthy.




miley's excuse? .......I'M STILL IN PUBERTY.