Miley Cyrus Hits Nightclub With 14-Year Old Sister

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Miley Cyrus and her little sister Noah have been in the headlines for all the wrong reasons lately.

They first raised eyebrows earlier this week when Miley and Noah danced to a Bob Marley song on Instagram in a fashion that many considered inappropriate for a 14-year-old.

Next, Miley posted a photo of her and Noah in bed together. Yet again, the Internet collectively said, "Eh...probably innocent but still kinda weird."

Now Miley has taken things a step further still by taking Noah (who, again, is 14 years old) to a nightclub while on tour in Barcelona, Spain.

It's not as though Noah was spotted stumbling out of the club drunk, in fact we have no reason to believe she imbibed at all. It's just that there's something unsettling about a barely-high-school-aged girl in a nightclub...

The official drinking age in Spain is 18, but as anyone who ever took a European class trip will tell you, booze laws tend to not be as strictly enforced in Europe as they are stateside.

We've already seen photos of Miley getting drunk with her mom, so we know the Cyruses are a party family, and we think it's a fair guess that Miley's not abstaining from anything while she's on tour in Europe.  So that leaves two options:

1. Noah is partying along with Miley, or 2. she's keeping her distance and watching some serious stuff go down. Either way we hope she gets home soon and in one piece. She's making everyone in the country feel like the mom in Almost Famous


how to punnish americans who love family life?

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This reminds me so much of Lindsay Lohan and her sister Ali around 2009 when Lindsay was 23 and Ali 15. I remember really well all of the "experts" going on about how Ali would be ruined and turn out like Lindsay. Well, 5 years later Ali is one of the most drama-free young women around, isn't into partying, there's never anything on her drinking or doing drugs and so on. Not only that, she's almost the opposite of Lindsay in lifestyle and personality. So, while it may seem wrong for Noah to go to a nightclub with her adult sister, it's also wrong to presume that Miley occasionally taking her younger sister out to a club and hanging out with adults will do her a lot of damage when she gets older. Not that I agree with Miley, but 2 sisters hanging around each other doesn't mean the younger one will emulate the older one.

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Noah is a sweet girl. She's 14, which means she's a freshman in high school. It's not like she's 8 or anything. Sure, she really shouldn't be going to clubs at that age, but when you get to high school, it's normal for teenagers to start partying, honestly. As long as she doesn't do anything to screw up, I don't see any huge problems.

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@ Alyssa

You may think it's "normal" for 14 year olds to be partying - but not with 21 year olds. Miley is now an adult contributing to the delinquency of a minor. If she continues I hope she ends up being charged legally for it. How many 14 year olds grow up to never get a hold on this and need rehab and never really fully recover? A heck of a lot. It may be "normal" in some places but so are the lifelong repercussions, and while those doing it think it's normal and cool there are quite a few who choose not to partake in that kind of behavior and don't feel it's normal at all. Miley is 21 and is her older Sister, she should know better and be trying to help her Sister make the right decisions. But druggies like to pull everybody else down the hole with them, especially their own families. It's not okay for Miley at her age to be partying with 14 year olds and getting her Sister to go down the same path of poor choices she made. Miley needs to stay the heck away from her.

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@ Autumn

True, and so many Miley lovers are always quick to point out that Miley shouldn't be a role model, yet here she is carelessly being a bad example for the most easily-influenced fan in the world...her little sister.

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