Michael Jackson Would Set Justin Bieber Straight, Says Brother Jermaine

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Michael Jackson would've been friends with Justin Bieber, says Jermaine Jackson. And while the thought of Michael hanging out with a 14-year-old Justin might be a little unsettling, Jermaine claims the King of Pop would've been a positive influence on Bieber.

TMZ caught up with Jermaine at LAX recently and posed some interesting questions to the former jackson 5 member about how Michael would've gotten along with Justin:

Asked how his brother would react to the recent leak of Bieber's racist videos, Jermaine replied, "Michael would've straightened him out. Michael would've spoke to him like a father figure, told him, 'Hey you've gotta cool it, calm down.'"

Responding to the much simpler question of, "Do you think Michael would've been friends with Justin?" Jermaine replied quickly, "Probably so, yeah."

The late pop icon is already something of a role model for Justin. Earlier this year, Bieber posted photos of Jackson to his Instagram page and drew comparisons between the embattled pop stars' legal troubles.

Of course, Bieber and Jackson were brought up on very different charges.

Despite having passed away in 2009. Jackson was in the news again recently, as a man named James Safechuck alleged that Jackson abused him for several years when he was a child. 

The Moonwalk
Michael Jackson pioneered so many dance moves, he pretty much is in his own category. No one ever moved like this guy.

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"And while the thought of Michael hanging out with a 14-year-old Justin might be a little unsettling, Jermaine claims the King of Pop would've been a positive influence on Bieber." So exactly what is supposed to be "unsettling" about that? Newsflash: the media is not the judge and jury of this man. Though they certainly feel they have every right to be. SICKENING.

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@ Mack A.

Also it seems that Tyler's quite happy to have a photo gallery entitled "Remembering Michael" attached to his article even though according to him Michael is unsettling. I wouldn't want to remember someone who I thought was a pedophile. Doesn't make sense.

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@ Mack A.

Exactly Mack! I think the media have misunderstood Jermaine's comment anyway. I think he means that Michael would be a positive influence on Justin Bieber's life if he were ALIVE TODAY. I don't think Jermaine meant when Justin was younger because when Justin was younger he actually acted like a decent member of society. There is nothing unsettling about older and more experienced artists mentoring younger ones. I believe Usher was Justin Bieber's mentor for a while? Is that unsettling? Justin would no doubt have benefited from Michael's professional advice. In any industry it's always wise to get insights from people who have been at it longer than you because they may have gone through the same experiences. If someone had mentored Tyler Johnson who wrote this article he'd know not to add his own opinions about Michael or anyone else for that matter in a news story. You're supposed to be reporting on what Jermaine said at the airport and that's it! Whether or not you think it's unsettling is irrelevant, Tyler, unless of course this is an opinion piece? I guess someone failed the class on professional journalism practice? Also poor form by the way for cracking a kiddie joke about someone who isn't even here to refute any untruths. Bit cowardly to be honest. At least when Michael was alive he was able to defend himself.

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please get a life jermaine. you're talking 'smelly'.

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