Melanie Hamrick Identified as Mick Jagger Girlfriend; Couple Met Weeks Before L'Wren Scott Suicide

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Prior to L'Wren's Scott's suicide in March of 2014, the renowned fashion designer had been dating Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger for nearly 13 years.

So Scott's family was understandably upset to hear reports of Mick dating someone new less than three months after her tragic passing.

They were so angry, in fact, that her sister blamed Jagger for her death

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Melanie Hamrick

Now the woman with whom Jagger has been spotted in Zurich has been identified, and the timing of their first meeting, coupled with the fact that she's more than 40 years younger than Mick is unlikely to earn much sympathy for Jagger.

Melanie Hamrick is a 27-year-old ballerina who met Jagger in late February of 2014, less than three weeks before Scott's suicide. The two apparently became close almost immediately which only bolsters the claims made by L'Wren's sister - Jan Shane - that Scott was driven to depression by Jagger's womanizing:

"The more I think about it the angrier it makes me," said Shane in a recent interview. "It hasn't even been three months since she died. I now believe he was a bigger part of her troubles than we knew about." 

Shane added, I'm just glad L'Wren doesn't have to put up with him anymore."

For her part, Hamrick was likely also involved in a long-term relationship at the time she met Jagger. She got engaged to fellow a fellow dancer in 2011. It is unknown if she ended the relationship as a result of her dalliances with Jagger.


When I read this I did not know whether I should laugh or vomit. I think I did a little bit of both.

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This girl is a total whore. It is well known that she carried on an affair with the dancer she was engaged to for years before getting him to leave his wife and children. That dancer was more than twenty years older than her. But why settle for a dancer who is more than twenty years older than you when you can have a billionaire aging rock star who is 46 years older than you. I don't know how Ms. Hamrick can live with herself knowing she contributed to the depression and ultimate demise of L'wrynn Scott. Ms. Hamrick is a totally disgusting human being.

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just be glad Mick is still the same womaniser as fifty years ago........

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