Lindsay Lohan to Have Freckles Surgically Removed?

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Lindsay Lohan is nearly as famous for being a pale-skinned ginger as she is for being a drunk, so the news that she's reportedly having all of her freckles surgically removed is as surprising as if we'd found out she was entering rehab (okay, maybe not that surprising).

Lindsay Lohan Drunk In London
Lindsay looking rouch in London. Think she's been partying too hard?

Radar Online reports that Lindsay is looking into surgical options to have her head-to-toe freckles blasted away.

Family and friends are said to be shocked by the decision, not only because  the actress has always professed a fondness for her Irish complexion, but also because Lindsay is so broke she can't even afford to move out of LA.

"She's always loved her freckles - well, pretended to, anyway," says a source close to Lindsay. "But now she's decided it's time to get rid of them and she's looking into either having them bleached or lasered away."

Say it ain't so! A LiLo without freckles would be like a LiLo without a liter of vodka coursing through her veins!

The anonymous insider says it's no coincidence that this sudden surgery obsession started around the same time that Lohan fell off the wagon and started boozing again:

"It's bizarre, but it's exactly what happens when Lindsay starts going off the rails again - she wants more surgery or a total makeover because she's so miserable."

Check out Lindsay at her freckliest and messiest in the gallery below:

Lindsay Lohan: Teeth
This is not exactly Lindsay Lohan at her best. Then again, when was the last time we saw Lindsay Lohan at her best?

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Oh please Lindsay blew it she needs to save her pennies,if she has any,lol
She is a joke now!!


ooooh please, she hasn't even money to buy Tampons!!