Lady Gaga: No Makeup on Instagram, Welcomes Fans Into Her Bed

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Lady Gaga doesn't exactly favor the natural look when it comes to her style, so when the Mother Monster jumps on the "no makeup selfie" bandwagon it almost feels like we're looking at an entirely different woman.  

Lady Gaga No Makeup Instagram Selfie

Sure, she's still recognizable and whenever she simplifies her look it always serves as a reminder of how naturally pretty Gaga is, but her intentionally ridiculous hair and makeup are such a major part of her public persona, that seeing how she looks before bed can come as something of a shock.

The singer recently blessed us with a photo of Gaga sporting no makeup and drinking a Miller Lite in the woods, but even that felt a bit staged and rehearsed in the style of other Gaga stunts over the years.

Here we just have Stefani Germanotta lying in bed. No wigs, no makeup, no attempts to surprise us or make us laugh, and we've gotta say...natural looks good on Gaga.

Hilary Duff's no makeup selfie from yesterday was a fan favorite on Twitter, and while it was nice to see that the actress could still stun with a naked face, there was nothing particularly revelatory about it.

With Gaga, however, it feels like we're being allowed entrance to some closely guarded private world, and as her circus-like antics continue to grow stale, it's a world that we hope to see more of in the future. 

Lorde Without Makeup
Lorde isn't just wearing no makeup in this Twit pic. She's wearing pimple cream!

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No makeup my foot... She very clearly is still wearing makeup, she just isn't plastered with it this time. The picture is also incredibly "soft" and blurry so that you can't see skin details. Her lips very obviously have something on them too. So this is the new thing, staging pictures lying and pretending you don't have makeup on. Lady Gaga you're a chronic liar just like my Brother. I don't like you anymore.


Jesus Christ she is ugly, that face can cut a roast beef, that is one ugly fucker


Slow news day, huh?


I really doubt she's any kind of a failure this time around. I believe her tour is going great. But nice to see her without wigs, face pieces, etc. perhaps she will start letting her music and talent pave the way without all the bells and whistles.


Gaga, your latest album sucked big time and didn't won't you just go away? We are sick of you. You wore out your welcome with your ridiculous costumes, your awful, self-indulgent music, and your gigantic ego.