Kris Jenner on Rob Kardashian: A Fat, Failed Sock-Line Loser!

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Rob Kardashian may have left Florence last week prior to Kim Kardashian getting married.

But a new source claims the reality star's beef is with his mother, not his sister.

According to initial reports, Rob clashed with Kim on the morning of her nuptials, refusing to pose for family portraits due to his excessive weight gain.

Kris Jenner with a Stroller
Rob Reacts

HOWEVER, “everyone thinks he skipped the wedding because of Kim, but it’s him mom who makes him feel terrible,” an insider tells Star.

Rob is allegedly ignoring phone calls from relatives and E! producers, claiming Keeping Up with the Kardashians is ruining his life and his family.

He's in a very bad place at the moment.

“Rob is spiraling out of control and it’s all his mother’s fault," Star writes. "The world thinks the Kardashians are so happy, but Kris treats Rob like dirt. He says she’s a monster."

Rob, of course, has made it clear in the past that he wishes to be mostly disassociated from his last name.

This is another source of contention between son and mother, the latter of whom doesn't really serve as her son's manager in the same way she does for her daughters.

"Kris says he’s the only one of her kids who is an embarrassment, an obese person with a failed sock line,” the source claims.

OUCH! We're getting mighty personal now.

Another insider, though, says Rob must focus internally and stops casting blame elsewhere throughout this difficult time.

“Rob needs to stop lying and own up to the fact that he has issues. Until he admits to his problems, he’s not going to get better.”


He looks like a fat Mexican. He should crawl under the wire fence into Mexico and disappear. They won't try to find him.

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Just goes to show money can't replace love when it comes to what children really need.

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She didn't force feed him any fast food, all his problems are his own, he was born with a silver spoon.

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I'm worried he is headed for a fall they need to get him into a shink! he could attempt suicide!! for real

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This poor kid is suffering enough! Stop focusing on his body and allow his spirit some room to heal. Rob, if you unfortunately ever read this trash just know there are people out here who know you're a human being and worth so much more than the money and externals your mother and some of your family focus on 24/7. Don't worry about the weight - focus on healing your heart and your body will follow.

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@ Guest

What a kind nice post, refreshing!

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