Kris Jenner Gushes Over Kimye "Love Fest," Says Rob Kardashian is "My Heart"

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According to Kris Jenner, she does not think of Rob Kardashian as a fat loser who sucks at selling sucks.

With reports circulating that Rob has been clashing with his mother - specifically over his weight gain and apprehension about being in the spotlight - Kris appeared on Today Thursday and tried to dispel this rumor.

"Rob is working on himself," Jenner told Kathie Lee and Hoda. "He's going to be okay. A lot of prayer and, you know, he's such a great human being... he's my heart."

Kris Jenner on Today Show

Rob left Florence, Italy without seeing Kim Kardashian marry Kanye West.

He returned to Los Angeles, deleted all his old Twitter messages and starting writing about God, concerning many close friends.

But Jenner didn't want to talk much about her troubled offspring.

Instead, she focused on the much-hyped Kim and Kanye nuptials and said they far surpassed expectations.

She described the event as "so beautiful and magical... it was just a love fest. It was the most wonderful time I think I've ever had and it's hard to explain that to somebody in words."

Well, sure. Kim did have two previous marriage with which she could practice.

Jenner also confirmed that her 33-year-old daughter did change her name to Kim Kardashian West, but only for online purposes.

The newlyweds also remain Jenner's "roommates” until renovations are complete on Bel-Air mansion they purchased in January 2013.

This means Kris gets to spend a lot of time with granddaughter North West ("it's been amazing watching North grow up," she said of the 11-month old), while also witnessing Kanye as a father.

"He's the best dad in the world," she gushed of the rapper. "I never would have guessed that the two of them would have this little girl wrapped around their fingers, so it's been so wonderful to watch."

As for whether the Kourtney Kardashian pregnant chatter is true? The topic was never broached.


Amazing, Love Fest, Most Wonderful Time I have Ever Had, Best Dad in the World... Blah blah blah, Kris. Give it a rest.

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blah, blah, blah what else can she say, its call sandbagging. She is the biggest liar under the son and proved it during the last divorce. For her it is all about the ratings. MB

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