Kim Kardashian Told to "Shut That Black Baby Up" on Plane, Kris Jenner Alleges

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Thankfully this week's Kim Kardashian nip slip and Photoshop fail are pretty harmless, even funny stories in the end. This one is considerably heavier.

The reality star recalls, in an upcoming episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, how she was recently told to shut her black baby up on an airplane.

Sitting in her kitchen with sister Khloe Kardashian and momager Kris Jenner, Kim discussed the incident in first class with her daughter North West.

“I fell asleep, I woke up to this woman screaming, ‘Kanye West’s baby!’ The woman is screaming at my child, I jump up …” Kim Kardashian said.

"I would’ve punched her in her face," Khloe Kardashian said, and we don't doubt she would have, but Kim clarified, “No, we were on a plane ... I wanted to.”

Then Kris Jenner interjects, “This lady stood up in the cabin in first class, and yelled at the top of her lungs, ‘She’s with a black guy, and that baby is black!’"

"You need to shut that black baby up!’” Kris recalls her saying.

How do you even respond to such an offensive comment?

“I would say, hashtag, ‘I only like black c--k!’ That’s what I would say!” Khloe said in response ... and again, we don't doubt she'd deliver on that promise.

As for what Kim actually said, we'll have to watch Keeping Up With the Kardashians online to learn that, but we're guessing her man was far from pleased.

We can think of a few Kanye GIFs that would apply.

The above teaser for Sunday's episode also gives us a look at the blackface prank Kim dealt with at an event in which she was accosted by a faux 'Ye.

T.J. Jackson
T.J. Jackson, Michael's nephew, was Kim's first love. It's believed that he was her "first" in the physical sense as well.

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Kris is a joke.....


Yeah right. Don't believe for one minute this happened.

@ Fola

I don't believe this plane incident happened! But I do believe Kim K. and family was in on the Comedian in Vienna that they say offended them! I think they did this whole Sick Episode for was Fake Fake Fake like normally.....but way worse and extremely desperate on the Kardashians part!


Khloe is a N-LOVER slut,,,,,she and Kim are the role models for 200 lb white women who cannot land a white dude.Kris Jenner is a miserable fat pig who cannot get a white man to stick his white c*ck in her so she pimps out her daughters to the cast of planet of the apes to get back at white guys.Yes,indeed get your paws off f me you damn dirty ape!


so that's why they married in europe: WE ARE ANTI-RACISTS.


No credibility.




These pages don't load properly any more. I keep getting multiple layers and can't read what's underneath!

@ TonyC

You're not missing much.


Anybody believes this incident happened is as LAME as this clan of whores is.....why would a stewardess emphasize to that White BABY and no on the first class section heard it....this is a Line of lies to only get viewers and make Kanya put them in the spotlight more. ..why is this Mammy so desperate to get this IDIOT fucked off. This family is sad. Why don't she go beat these people asses that don't want them in the Hampton's..then that will be true. .Sick bunch of Trash


Khloe Kardashian just proved what a fucking racist she is by saying "i onlly like black c-ck"..yeah thats right you f-n n#gger lover should be put into quaruntine you tranny looking filthy wh#re...take a f##king hike mudshark scumbag ho.

@ white guy

sir,YOU are a great american and im glad people like
you still exist.Hell,id even vote for you for president.Way
to put it to those coalburner sloots!


I don't belive one word of what Kim Kardashian says.