Khloe Kardashian Slammed as "Insensitive" for Wearing Native American Attire

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Cliff Matias is as stunned as he is appalled.

The cultural director of the Redhawk Native American Arts Council, Matias can't believe Khloe Kardashian donned a Native American headdress at her niece's birthday party over the weekend, once again demonstrating a severe lack of good judgment.

“It’s terrible,” Matias told Page Six. “It’s absolutely terrible that they have no conscience to discontinue to do such things."

"I just can’t believe she would be that insensitive to think it was OK to wear that war bonnet at a kids’ party... Now you have a celebrity at a kids’ party creating a whole new generation of insensitive thinking.”

This isn't time Kardashian has sparked outrage online.

On two different occasions - once while dressed a sheep and once while posing alongside French Montana - Khloe has posted Instagram photos of herself holding a gun.

In 2012, meanwhile, Karlie Kloss wore a floor-length headdress at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

Later that year, No Doubt pulled its “Looking Hot” music video due to controversy over the group’s Native American attire, while and Pharrell just apologized for his July Elle UK July cover, which featured the singer sporting his own Indian headgear.

Combine these incidents with the ongoing drama over the Washington Redskins nickname and Khloe can't plead ignorance regarding this hot topic.

"There’s no way she’s not in tune with what’s been happening in the media,” Matias said. “I can’t even say she’s not even aware. But it’s also sad.

"It’s really sad that people who are celebrities don’t take the responsibility and the understanding that they are trendsetters and they influence people, especially young people. It’s a responsibility that I don’t think a lot of them acknowledge that they have."


Oh good grief!! Get a grip people!! All this 'politically correct' crap is just that....CRAP!!! There are stores all over the country, INCLUDING those on Reservations that sell Indian headdresses. So if a little boy or girl dresses up like a cowboy are you going to throw a fit about that too???? Let's not let the little children play or have an imagination...oh no...they all belong on a sofa playing video games!! This world has gone to hell in a handbasket!!!! Think I'll go get an Indian headdress and play Indians with my grandson!! Go ahead and hate me, but I'd rather he play that than be a dead beat couch potato!! Get a life world!!!!!

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