Kendall and Kylie Jenner to Host Teen Talk Show?

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Reality Television's First Family appears to be branching out.

A Kim Kardashian video game is on the way, for example, and now Hollywood Life reports that Kendall and Kylie Jenner are in talks to host their very own talk show.

Because, you know, the one emceed by mother Kris Jenner fared so well last year.

“They both love the idea,” an insider says of Kylie and Kendall and a program “geared towards teens and teen issues.”

Unlike sister Khloe Kardashian as co-host of The X Factor Season 2, the Jenners actually received strong reviews for their lead roles at the MuchMusic Awards in Canada on Sunday.

As you might expect, the proposed series would likely air on E! and the insider adds that it would include "celebrity interviews," along with a focus on "self-esteem, dating [and] fashion."

"There is a really strong market for this right now, and between the two of them, they have so many fans,” the site writes.

What do you think? Should Kylie and Kendall host a talk show?

It actually doesn't sound like the worst idea in the history of the world, but it does make us wonder: How would they then find time to pose in inappropriate ways on Instagram?!?

Kendall Jenner Side Boob
Kendall Jenner posted this photo to Instagram. It shows off her side boob.

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Pimp mama kris jenner, at her best the pimp mama will never stop at nothing. It will FAIL because of the Association's behind everything Wicked kardashian, how could the pimp mama kris, kendall,kyler and all the rest imagine that by them having a teen talk show would keep the revelent. In my opinion pimp mama kris talk show failed and believe this for sure pimp mama kris would be the director of the teen talk show behind the doors calling all the shot. I know I will not be tunning in besides I never watch the reality show it is not real just like this wicked,evil,and very cursed family is so wicked. What can these two uneducated teen girls bring to our little girls and teen girls Nothing but doing personal sexual selfies all over the internet for all the Perverts to see. Kendall and Kylie jenner, has no type of education what so ever and has been given the ticket to Riches and feel that they above other young people. The seductive teen 18 going on 38 and the other 16 going on 26 how many parents allows their daughters to have these girls no talents of their own merit. Pimp mama kris paid their way the other was the fact Bruce is their father. I do wish all well. Maybe a petition needs to be made to stop the talk show Pimp mama kris wants her talk show bad it doesn't matter how she will get it. Think about world what would these jenner girls used topics of other actresses and other talk shows to micmic what they have seen on all the talk show networks.


How sad,the public has to keep suffering this annoying family in the media.