Kate Gosselin Tell-All Book to Be Re-Released Following TLC Special

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The explosive Kate Gosselin tell-all book that resulted in multiple lawsuits is being put back on the market this summer, according to a new report.

Kate dropped her lawsuit against Robert Hoffman, who wrote Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled The World, The Rise and Fall of a Reality TV Queen, in 2013.

She alleged that Hoffman, with Jon Gosselin's help, stole her computer and sued them both for hacking and wiretapping, among other things.

The suit was dropped, however, and now, just days after Kate Gosselin’s special, Kate Plus Eight: Sextuplets Turn 10, airs, the book will be back online.

Get ready to go “INSIDE KATE GOSSELIN’S HOUSE OF HORRORS,” the author’s site touts. “Conspiracy. Massive Coverup. Lawsuits and Legal Threats."

"Exploitation. Fraud. Abuse. Animal Cruelty. Lies. Read The Book that two of the most powerful law firms in the country have tried to stop from being published.”

Hopefully Hoffman can use more than two-word sentences. But we're intrigued.

“Kate knew this might be coming. She feels if the book gets published again and stays published, it’s still defamatory to have behind her name,” a sources says.

“It’s fiction. A former tabloid reporter doesn’t have first hand knowledge of anything. Only someone who lived in the house would have true knowledge."

"Robert Hoffman did not live at the Gosselin home.”

As for someone who did? The source claims Kate’s ex-husband, Jon Gosselin, knew about the re-release of the book because he’s friends with Hoffman.

“Jon wants alimony and he told Kate he would stop the book from being published if she gave him alimony. She of course refused,” the source said.

Jon is believed to have given up all say in whether his kids appear on TV in exchange for not having to pay child support in a secret deal with Kate.

“As of now, Jon doesn’t have much so he uses his kids publicly and pretends like he wants them off TV, but he just wants alimony,” the source continued.

“Meanwhile, Kate and the kids are happy filming and able to afford all the necessities of raising eight kids; food, bills, clothes, education, athletics, etc.”


I was never a Gosselin fan. Its pretty clear Kate is the lesser of two evils. Jon needs to love his kids enough to show their mother respect. His kids live with that woman, why is he still trying to make her miserable? It rakes a small man to stiff his kids and try to extort the ex-wife. He shouldn't take a postage stamp from his kids household.

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Someone needs to make this book into a lifetime television movie. Kate could tell how she and the anonymous internets biggest bully went after her on-line critic's or as Kate and her thugs like to call them (Khaters, haters, hags, pigs, piggies, terrible moms, criminals, etc.). Remember the Salem Witch Trials way back in the 1600's where a bunch of crazies pointed fingers at innocent women and without a shred of evidence burned them at the stake (for entertainment and sport) because there wasn't a lot of tv back then? Well today, its Kate Gosselin's number one fan running around on twitter pointing fat sausage sized finger at women who say mean things about Kate. Then Kate's thugs attack. It's a hoot to watch, especially if its not happening to YOU. Modern day "witch" trials brought to you by Kate Gosselin and her twitter thugs who shall I say like to remain ANONYMOUS. UT OH, my computers acting funny....I think Kate's thugs have located me, got to go

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