Kate Gosselin Kids Revolt: This Sucks! We Don't Want to Be on TV!!

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Gosselin twins Cara and Mady raised eyebrows with their awkward, defiant demeanor in a Today show appearance with mom Kate earlier this year.

Looks like it wasn't a one-off or just a bad day for the 13-year-olds.

In a new promo clip for Kate’s upcoming special, Kate Plus Eight: Sextuplets Turn Ten, they leave little to the imagination in terms of what they're thinking:

They roll their eyes and say they “don’t want to be a part of” this.

“This is stupid. This isn’t fun. I don’t want to be a part of it,” Mady complains in one scene during the clip, before glaring at the camera and walking off.

Things only got more tense during a confessional a bit later on.

Asked whether the teens are good role models for their six younger siblings, Mady barked, “No. They better not. I mean, I’m an awful role model, ugh.”

Aghast, Kate Gosselin jumped in, insisting, “Mady, why are you so hard on yourself. She’s a wonderful big sister … [The sextuplets] look up to them.”

“They have such bad hair,” Mady interrupted, as Kate gasped:

“I can’t. They dress themselves and they shouldn’t.”

An embarrassed Cara could only stare into her lap, as we're left pondering if anyone isn't outraged at the return of Kate Plus 8 besides Kate herself.

In another section of the clip, one of the sextuplets appears to get in on the Kate mockery, complaining “I’m so tired! I don’t want to do any of this!”

Sounds like Jon Gosselin anytime he had to be around Kate back when they were married, or the THG staff whenever one of us has to cover her.

Kate Gosselin, Twins
Kate Gosselin is the mother of many kids. But she always put her financial and famous interests about theirs it seems.

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