Kandi's Wedding Season 1 Episode 2 Recap: Mama Joyce Loses It!

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta spinoff Kandi’s Wedding continued last night and if you thought Kandi's Mama Joyce was bad during the season?

Look out.

The woman is absolutely out of control and unabashed in her quest to make Todd Tucker look terrible. It's almost like she's in competition with herself.

What baseless claims, unnecessarily judgmental comments and downright harsh things can she say so you'll watch Kandi's Wedding online this week?

Mama Joyce on Kandi's Wedding

That's what it feels like, at least. Her latest allegations? Mama Joyce actually said that Todd’s long-deceased father was a pimp and his mom was a hoe.

“I’m tired of biting my tongue,” Todd tells Kandi, who only told him the first half of her mom's diatribe. “I can’t let this go on. I have to say something.”

He does.

“I have respected you ad continuously bit my tongue,” Todd tells her. “You have continuously made things up. It hasn’t stopped. I know you don’t like me.”

Deflecting like a pro, Mama Joyce also tries to turn the tables on Todd by accusing him of saying she hired a guy to set him up with another woman.

She says she only hired a private investigator to follow Todd around, not to actively set him up ... because that's just so much better in his eyes.

Then she really ramps it up by telling him “You can control her. You can’t control me.” Not that Todd has ever tried to control Kandi at all ... whatever.

For her part, Kandi Burruss is nothing like her mom, but she does enable her mom and do next to nothing when it comes to these attacks on Todd.

As Joyce gives the duo her blessing for the wedding, with seemingly no sincerity, Todd begins to questions if he should even go through with it.

Just what she wants, no doubt. Diabolical.

Meanwhile, Kandi meets up with her dad, who wasn’t around much when she was a kid, and wants him to officiate the ceremony. He is touched.

Naturally, he says Mama Joyce made up claims about him and got a baseless restraining order and that's why he wasn't around a lot back then.

She says that he lies. So it goes.

“If she doesn’t stop her own bad behavior,” Kandi’s dad said, referencing the woman he was somehow married to, “she’d be cutting her own throat.”

Kandi also asks her to give her away, to which she says, “That’s asking a lot ... I’m not sure if that’s the man I really want to give my baby to.”

Todd was there at the time. Sigh.


mama joyce need to be put in her place and someone need to bring nene down to earth. if she has so much money why doesn't she fix her hair

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Your mom, I dont understand, she really is way out of line, but we know you love her but she is way over board Candy,you have the right to be hsppy sn Todd seems to love you an put up with a lot from ur mom, probably too much, she has cross the line talked about his parents , what does that have to do with marrying you? You have to step in an stop ur mother from the craziness before she breaks ur marriage up before it has a start the things she saiding are very hurtful an very immature she not only hurting you she's making her self look bad an her granddaughter its not about her.

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Why all the big production of your family acting and looking like idiots? Stop all the hoopla are you this desperate for attention that you will continue to allow your mom to be filmed in such a demeaning way and let her constantly disrespect your husband and in-laws and embarrass Riley? At what point do you put an end to this foolishness? I hope after this wedding series, you keep your mom off all future shows. This story line is pathetic and worn out. Don't let reality TV ruin your marriage like so many other couples.

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@ Guest123

Kandi u are a wonderful person. I like the show and I'm happy for u and Todd. I just don't understand your mother.

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