Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker: On the Rocks Already?

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Somewhere, Kandi Burruss' Mama Joyce is cackling to herself with joy, and/or telling the private investigator she has on retainer that he can double his fee.

According to a new report, the unhappily ever after she predicated (and has long been trying to ensure) for Kandi and Todd Tucker is already unfolding.

The reason? Not what you (or Joyce) might expect ...

As you know if you watch The Real Housewives of Atlanta online, Mama Joyce did everything she could to stop Kandi's Wedding from happening.

Short of literally killing Todd, she held nothing back.

Sadly for her, love conquers all, and they went through with it ... although married life has reportedly been tough on them, at least in the early going.

Not because Todd is a shady freeloader or because his dad is a pimp and his mom is a hoe (or so Joyce says), but for a simple, yet profound reason:

Dude is gone all the time.

The couple has basically been in a long distance relationship while Todd works on a TV project and Kandi delves into her many business ventures.

Not even Mimi's shower rod or one of the sex toys of which Kandi is so fond can help them if they're not around to work on things. It's been difficult.

Kandi tells Ebony that the duo has had to set "pretty strict rules" about when they talk to each other and when they see each other since the wedding.

So much for the honeymoon phase. Here's hoping they can get through this and work it out before Mama Joyce is proven right, which no one wants.

Either way, all six members of The Real Housewives of Atlanta cast will be back for Season 7 this winter, so you can expect it all to play out on camera.


This could cause problems. Kandi got very upset when Todd was going to leave for a job during that play's production. He stayed and they worked together to make it happen. I'm not sure if the money from that went solely into Kandi's bank account and if Todd received any of the money. If they work on any more projects, Todd should insist on compensation. If not, then Kandi would have to pay someone..none of that, you're my husband so you should do it for free. Especially if he turns down a job to do so. Frankly. there isn't enough money in the world having to live with a wife that won't stop her "mama" from disrespecting me every time we're in the same room. If Kandi doesn't put a stop to this, that marriage is doomed! Then Joyce will sit back saying "I told you so"

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Well, Todd has a career and he's not sitting around living off of Kandi's money (as previously stated by Ms. Joyce). She knew his work entailed traveling before she married him. He's helping to provide for his family.

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