Kaley Cuoco and Ryan Sweeting Look Depressed in Latest Instagram Photo

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Kaley Cuoco and Ryan Sweeting got married in December and they've been all smiles and sunshine ever since.

Seriously, you could spend hours going through Kaley's Instagram page and not find a single pic where she's not grinning, laughing, or making a funny face for the camera. 

For a while, it seemed like nothing could get this girl down, especially when her husband was around.

A photo that Kaley posted earlier today, however, has us wondering if the honeymoon phase is over:

Kaley Cuoco and Ryan Sweeting: Not Smiling!

See what we mean? It's not like they're scowling at the camera or anything, but given how bright and bubbly Kaley usually is, this feels like watching Rainbow Brite mope around the house in sweatpants.

Recently, Kaley said that she's "born" to be a wife and mother, so whatever is bothering them, we're sure it's only temporary.

Our best guest is that Ryan got dragged to some event against his will and he's stewing about missing World Cup action or Clayton Kershaw's no-hitter just to stand around on a red carpet.

We have little sympathy. That's the price you pay when you marry wealth and fame, dude.

Oh yeah, plus your wife looks like this. Poor guy:

Kaley Cuoco Bikini Photo
The world's hottest Kaley Cuoco bikini photo. Which is saying a lot.

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Maybe she's pregnant. I had that same look twice! And my husband looked similar to him for all 18 months.


Maybe she's pregnant and not feeling well. Ever thought of that? I had that same look twice. And my husband looked similar to that for 9 months each time!


First off, Ryan Sweeting isn't any "tennis star". Nobody ever heard of him before he hitched his wagon to Kaley Cuoco. Know who he is? He's Jessica Simpson's boyfriend/fiance/husband/whatever Eric Johnson. He's a hanger-on. It's the Same thing. Kaley went the way of Jessica getting a guy who is leaching off her fame but more importantly, her money. This is never going to last and she should have known it from the start.


Let me drop something in all of u all spirit in this sin sick evil world no 1 can always be happy Just a little food 4 thought.


She labeled the photo "my ridiculously gorgeous date for the night", with a a heart and kissy face. Why does everyone hate happy couples?


If you look closely, you will see that her hair is tied back.

@ JayGee

It's not tied back...she chopped it all off into a little pixie. This isn't a super great pic of it but it's actually pretty cute.


She annoys me. Almost makes watching Big Bang Theory intolerable.

@ Scott Bell

I know what you mean. Jim Parsons droning monotone voice is what I like best.
She also has that pesky awesome body and beautiful face.
It should be obvious but as someone who cares about YOU, i have to tell you that...you are gay.
It's ok, there is no hate or finger pointing involved. Everyone is free to do who and what they like.


If I had done that to my hair, I wouldn't be smiling either. She looks like she hacked her hair off with a weed whacker.


Looks more like she's pissed and he's trying to humor it all if i look close, but who knows, many strange expressions get caught in the instant the shutter clicks open. This 'story' is stoopid.


look at her boyish hair cut.Women get these short hair cuts and wonder why there guys look at other women.they totally defeminize them selves If he wanted a guy he would have married one