Justin Bieber: Baptized in New York City!

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Based on his reactions to the pair of racist videos that leaked over the past several days, it's clear Justin Bieber is both embarrassed and regretful.

He's expressed extreme sorrow and apologized profusely in multiple statements.

Just how affected has Bieber been by the release of this footage? According to TMZ, he made a major life decision last month.

Justin Bieber Shrugs

While being extorted for $1 million over the videos, Bieber spent a week with Pastor Carl Lentz in New York City, studying the Bible and attending many religious services.

He also got baptized! In a friend’s bathtub!

An insider confirms that Bieber hoped to get this religious move done in an actual church, but he cover was blown each time he tried to check out a possible destination.

So a pal volunteered his bathroom... Lentz performed the baptism... and bam! Justin got himself right with God.

As for being right with the public? It looks like Justin is getting there.


Justin Bieber has already been baptised. It is a farce and a sacrilege to be rebaptised, unless one was merely renewing their baptismal promises. If this is a stunt, it is certainly in poor taste. Yes I know many folks get re-baptised when joining sects, but should the world clap their hands for someone who gets duped by the latest sect that comes along?

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so will he ever grow up?

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I do not believe in the sincerity of Justin Bieber's baptism and newfound religious beliefs. In only one week he supposedly learned everything he needed to know to become a supposed Christian? I suspect he will go to any lengths to save his career and keep making money from the tweens who adore him. I'd say based on his age his drinking days haven't even begun and there are probably drugs out there he hasn't yet abused. His talent is similar to many talented high school theater performers. The difference is they will move forward, obtain college degrees and make contributions to society. Justin will remain ignorant, turn to the wrong 'handlers' and is probably being baptized because one of his handlers said it would help his career. What a shame that a poor son of a single mother has such an inflated ego. Usher must be sorry he helped this kid. HIs 15 minutes of fame are over; I'm not impressed by anybody getting dunked in someone's bathtub and proclaiming they are reborn. Was there no church that would accept him? It's over Justin. Grow up, get a real job. A few brainiacs may be impressed by his finding Jesus, but as a non Christian, who cares?

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