Joan Rivers: Kristen Stewart Slept Her Way to Fame, Pharrell is an A--hole!

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Joan Rivers is at it again. The legendary comic who has publicly bashed just about every celeb to cross her line of vision in the past 50 years (often in very funny fashion) has now set her sites on a couple of unlikely victims: Kristen Stewart and Pharrell Williams.

Joan's new memoir Diary of a Mad Diva was released today and some excerpts that have leaked online are likely to anger a wide range of celebs:

"Many stars only do one thing well," Rivers writes. "Of course the best one-trick pony is Kristen Stewart who got a whole career by being able to juggle directors' balls."

Rivers is of course referring to Stewart's affair with director Rupert Sanders, and as though her implication wasn't clear enough, she then adds that Kristen "slept her way to fame."

Harsh words. Of course, Joan's comments about Pharell aren't much kinder:

"No one is allowed to dress up anymore during Award Season," reads another passage of the book. "The networks have new decency guidelines, which insist that no more breasts, buttocks or genitalia show. Luckily, because of celebrities like Pharrell and his stupid hat, we'll still be able to see a--holes."

Rivers' feud with Kim Kardashian has raged on for years, so K-Stew and Pharell shouldn't expect an apology anytime soon (or ever). We suppose there's some comfort in knowing you got burned by a legend.

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Joan Rivers, your time is past. You have had so many face lifts that your navel is up around your chest. Go hawk your jewelry, scarves on QVC (some tasteless idiot will buy it) and leave these young girls alone. I saw you on some show the other day. The four of you. Well three of this panel said that Kristen Stewart was hot. You come in the conversation and I quote " I hate her, I hate her, her legs, her shoes, her dress, her face. Now Joan dearest, you 70+ 80+?? Kristen is 24 years old. Leave her alone.


I am not fan of Kristen Stewart but have seen some of her movies. I think she is very talented. I do not know if she cheated because now in days you could Photoshop. I do not think that she slept her way to the top. I have heard the many comments that Joan Rivers talks about other celebrities and do not like it. I think it is bullying. Once I heard that she called someone that I cannot remember who that she is fat. I think people like her makes people anorexic, bulimic, and there are others that might commit suicide. Joan Rivers should stop it. Karma might get her back


joan is a dried up useless hag and i for one hope to never see her ugly mug.
the impression i get from KS is that she has a heart of gold.
she also is my favorite actress.


Didn't Kristen start acting when she was 10? Perhaps Joan is too old to live in reality and just says anything with the hopes of angering people or getting them to mention her. Certainly, Kristen is so popular that was an easy and cheap hit. One that was not even true. KS made her millions long before even knowing the boss that manipulated her. Joan should be ashamed of herself for her untrue statements about a young girl and keeping quiet about older men taking advantage of younger women.


Not a big joan rivers fan but really kristen got taken advantage of by an older man? She's a grown woman not a child.



Kristen does have a personality BITCH

@ julie mosbrooker

No not so much


hahaha I think she is right about Kristen. How else does she get an acting job with her zero personality?

@ HunnyBunny

I truly think Joan should should shut that big hole in her face called a mouth!! Kristen did not sleep her way to fame since she was 10 when she started acting! You have always been a pig joan