Jenelle Evans: Farrah Abraham Out of Line Bashing Catelynn Lowell, Just Trying to Stay Relevant!

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Not that she's renowned for having a lot of close confidants to begin with, but Farrah Abraham is running out of friends and burning bridges left and right.

Especially in the MTV universe, given recent events.

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Farrah Abraham Crying Again

Last month, her Teen Mom co-stars Catelynn Lowell, Maci Bookout and Amber Portwood reportedly got her fired by threatening to pull the plug on negotiations.

Having heard that, Farrah took them to task, slamming Lowell, 23, and Tyler Baltierra, 22, for “poor choices” regarding the longtime couple's second pregnancy.

Catelynn and Tyler slammed Abraham right back, and now other Teen Mom stars are weighing in on the brouhaha, clearly on the side of Team Cate.

“Wow, I’m with Catelynn & Tyler!” said the very pregnant Jenelle Evans, 22, who added on Twitter that Abraham’s diss was “COMPLETELY uncalled for.”

“She just wants to stay relevant,” she added.

Besides Jenelle Evans, Leah Messer, 22, retweeted Lowell’s original response to Abraham, supporting the allegedly expectant adoption advocate.

“Huh bad choices?!? Hahaha I didn’t make a so called ‘sex tape’ but WE make the bad choices?” Lowell tweeted, and Leah shared with her followers.

Farrah Abraham's response to the backlash?

“Personally, I’m BLOWIN them away,” she recently told Radar, name-checking her new song. “I felt compassionate about getting the negativity out of my own life.”

That doesn't even make sense, but then again, neither does pretty much anything that escapes Farrah's artificially enhanced, compulsively lying lips.

She's "Blowin'" something, alright ...


People don't dislike Farrah so much for the p0rn she made, but more for the fact that she's a delusional, hypocritical liar who talks sh*t about people & things she knows nothing about. She says she's "blowin" all the other teen moms away? Ha! If anything SHE'S the one who's jealous, especially of Tyler & Catelyn. Remember when she brought up Catelyn's weight? She'll NEVER have the kind of stable, loving relationship they have because of her horrid personality. It's not so much that people are "against" her, they're just sick of her trying to act like an expert on EVERYTHING, even though she can barely put a sentence together that makes sense & can't spell to save her life. Yep, it's bad enough that she made a DISGUSTING p0rno & is still lying about it to this day, but even worse is her ignorant mouth & ugly attitude. I really don't think she has one REAL friend. She doesn't care, though, she's so in love with HERSELF that she never even notices! Lol!!

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Alejandra vasquez

Why is everybody against Farrah? Okay! so she made a sex tape BIG DEAL!! now a days that is not a big shocker!!!! What a woman does in her personal life does not define her as a mother. She can be the number one porn star and be the most caring mother. All teen moms who got Farrah fired should take a look at their lives first, just because they don't have sex tapes doesn't make them perfect.

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this is the way most americans handle.....

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Ugh, I wish Farrah would disappear already. She is a disgusting narcissist who is desperate to remain relevant. Nobody wants to watch a piece of trash Farrah! Jenelle may have her issues but she recognizes them and she works on making herself better. She matures every single day and it has been such an awesome journey seeing her become such a mature adult. We all make mistakes now and then but we learn from them and move forward. Farrah won't admit anything she's done is wrong. I mean, is anyone fooled into thinking Farrah actually raises Sophia? I'm not. She's probably being raised by Michael and nut job grandma while little miss princess assf*** parties and hangs all over guys who don't want her. Clueless!!

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