Jay Z to Rihanna: Stop Smoking Weed and Being Naked All the Time!

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Rihanna wore a see-through dress to the CFDA fashion awards earlier this week and while the singer gained plenty of attention online, not every man who saw the pics was a fan of RiRi's risque look.

According to an anonymous music industry insider, "Jay Z is trying to shape a less ghetto, more elegant image for Rihanna. He wants her to ditch the sheer dresses and marijuana logos and references."

Of course, Rihanna's entire wardrobe is skimpy and/or covered in pot leaves, so what is she to wear now? Don't worry, Jay's got Beyonce on the case:

"Beyonce is giving Rihanna tips on speaking more eloquently in interviews and she went through her wardrobe and tossed out some of the wilder stuff like too-short denim daisy dukes and leather chaps."

But Rihanna's extreme makeover doesn't end with taking her S&M gear to Goodwill:

Apparently, Jay played a role in Rihanna's breakup with Drake and he's demanding that the songstress reform some of her habits if she'd like to continue to record for his RocNation label.

"Jay warned Rihanna that he runs a tight ship," says the source. "He suggested that she tone down her drinking, smoking and partying, and go on a juice cleanse to rid her body of toxins."

Well fine, Jay and Bey can try and give Ri the Eliza Doolittle treatment all they want, just so long as they don't deny us the sight of Rihanna twerking. That would be a national tragedy:

Rihanna Twerking HARD
Rihanna Twerks like a woman possessed her new music video for "Pour It Up."

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Also Jay-Z you have been manipulated b Beyonce for all these years. No loving woman would be THAT controlling. Please continue to play with other women. This girl screams "ME ME ME" LIKE A BABY. FUCK OFF BEYONCE


Also Beyonce is a fat cow manipulative liar. She wears more makeup than Jezebel and needs to retire her ass. Don't act like an aging hag and go be humble you bitch


Wait.. so they are blaming Rihanna for everything so they can manipulate her because she dropped the label? Bitch can move on you know.