Fighter Jet Pilot Flies Alongside Boeing 787, Snaps Epic Selfies

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In a word: WHOA!

A fighter Dutch F-16 pilot has gone ahead and put the record-breaking Oscars selfie to shame, posting multiple self-portraits of himself mid-air.

Helming one of two armed aircrafts that flew alongside the Boeing 787-8 during a recent demo flight, this unnamed individual is a member of the Royal Netherlands Airforce.

And he used something called the Joint Helmet Mounted Cueing System to take photos of himself at the plane’s controls, giving us an amazing view of life in the air.

Talk about taking the art of the selfie to unprecedented new heights, eh? Eh?!?!?

Sorry. Nevermind. Just click through the cool shots now:

Pilot Selfie
No offense to that selfie you snapped at that wedding or that baseball game. But THIS is the coolest selfie ever!

Looking for more plane-related selfies?

We thought you might be!

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The plural of aircraft is aircraft, not aircrafts.

@ John

And it's Air Force, not Airforce.

@ Sam IAm

You are correct.

@ John

That's why these people write for The Hollywood Gossip instead of a quality newspaper like My Weekly Reader.

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