Epic Toddler Misspelling Ruins Toy Story Forever: Read at Your Own Risk!

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WARNING: The following photo will forever ruin how you view one of the world's most beloved fictional heroes. Prepare accordingly.

A parent posted the picture below to imgur this week, making it clear that his/her offspring is a talented artist, but may need to work on his/her spelling a bit.

Or not, depending on how you look at it.

After all, we already knew that Buzz Lightyear comes in peace. But now we're hoping folks in Hollywood see this image and finally put together the Toy Story-American Pie mash-up we've been craving for years...

Buzz Lightyear FAIL!

Wow. Just... wow.

Perhaps kids should stick to writing notes instead of thought bubbles.

They've already proven that they can overcome emotional turmoil to pen the perfect break up letter... and/or regale their mom with tales of diarrhea at camp.

Best Friends Forever
If the Jenner sisters had kicked Selena Gomez in the face, maybe they'd still be BFFs.

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americans accusing kids: SOOOOOOO LOOOOOOOOOOOW!!