Elizabeth Fechtel, Miss Florida, Loses Title Following Judges' Tabulation Error

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Another beauty pageant queen has lost her crown this week for seemingly no reason at all, as an unrelated snafu cost her the title she just earned.

Amanda Longacre, a 24-year-old who was named Miss Delaware 2014, lost hers because she is older than the Miss America organization allows.

Longacre didn't lie about her age; Miss America apparently just forgot she wouldn't be 24 (the maximum age) for the duration of her yearlong reign.

Now in Florida, a voting tabulation error cost Elizabeth Fechtel her tiara.

Elizabeth Fechtel Pic

Officials from the Miss Florida Organization shockingly named a new Miss Florida 2014 late Friday after discovering a tabulation error in the judging.

As a result, Fechtel, who won the crown last Saturday, is now the runner up. The woman who had come in second, Victoria Cowen, is the new Miss Florida.

Executive Director Mary Sullivan says the tabulation error was noticed during a routine recount, with one mark on a judge's ballot inadvertently overlooked.

The ballots were tabulated again by an independent auditor and when that mark was correctly counted, contestants were notified of the correct results.

Incredible as it is that this changed the outcome, and was only caught after the fact, Fechtel is now first runner-up. She wasn't disqualified for any reason.

It's not clear what the one judge's mark was specifically for or against, but was enough to sway things toward Cowen, who now reigns as Miss Florida.

At least until 2015, when Anna Faith Carlson takes over the beautiful crown.

(We have no idea if the Elsa look-alike is interested, but we nominate her.)

Anna Faith Carlson Bikini Photo
Anna Faith Carlson, the human Elsa from Frozen, could melt anything frozen.

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are the same people that count the president same ones that count the votes for the beauty contet


Let the lawsuits begin. I would just change the age of the contestants to 22 period, that way there is leeway for any age discrepancies that may arise, as for tabulations, was a computer used.


Well she's a winner in my pants... uh I mean my heart!


ONE vote changed the outcome????? It must have been pretty darn close!


They're penalizing the contestants. I believe the organizers should allow the girls to remain there. Instead, they should fire the supervisors who can't do their job right and hope their replacements don't make the same mistakes.


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Too bad. So sad.


TOO OLD ! says Nation of Pedos !


Another poor skinny child suffering from attention deficit disorder.